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Three years ago today we opened the doors to dogs in Murray Hill for daycare and for the world to enjoy the amenities of the world’s only dog hotel with a premiere viewing lounge– our 16 foot window overlooking Lexington Ave.  Some recent updos include:

1) Bringing on Dog Handlers to take pictures of your pup, sing them songs such and throw the ball for them.  All of our handlers are specifically trained to mentally and physically engage your dog AND command respect as the Pack Leader.

2) On-line software for you to view your invoice whenever you’d like on-line! No more sorting through emails!

3) Value Packed Dog Daycare Packages— we work with every lifestyle and budget!

4) Membership Rates that bring the value with every visit (extra fun for the pups and snuggle time always included)

5) Seasonal Bonding Activities you can do with your pup and ideas how you can make Fido cuter on our pinterest:

6) Training tips so that we teach our furry pals to listen to us on youtube.

7) Daily cutefeed on instagram: @nydognanny

8) Twitter real time feeds about what YOUR dog is up to, sorry, we only include the highlights, cause there’s never a dull moment when your pup is busy in daycare. @newyorkdognanny

9) Highlights and reflections of the day, week and yes, even month. Subscribe to this cuteness here:


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