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Being a dog owner is fantastic. Some people love their furry friend so much that they even let him into their own bed.

But is it safe?

Well, the short answer is, yes if your dog is clean and regularly goes through vet checkups.

But that’s not it!

Co-sleeping with your dog may have incredible benefits both for him and for you. Once you discover them, you will never ever have to resist those puppy eyes again.

#1 You Will Feel Safer

The most noticeable effect of co-sleeping with a dog — especially if you have a large breed — is an increased feeling of security and safety. Here’s why it appears:

  • You know that someone is watching over you while you sleep, and this knowledge calms you down.
  • Dogs have better hearing and sense of smell. They can feel if something suspicious is going on way faster than humans.

This feeling persists no matter if you allow your dog to share a bed with you or just arrange their own, separate bed in your bedroom.

According to Mayo Clinic’s study, 41% of pet owners reported that their sleep wasn’t disrupted and sleep quality was even higher when their pet was allowed to sleep in the bedroom.

#2 You Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Now, the feeling of safety mentioned above can drastically improve your sleep. The calm state of mind is connected to the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system — the division of the central nervous system that puts you into the ‘rest-and-digest’ mode.

When this system is active, your body more actively produces calming neurotransmitters and hormones that can promote sleepiness and ensure a faster drift-off.

So if you’re prone to anxiety and insomnia or are just dealing with huge amounts of stress in your daily life, then you may want to let your furry friend into your bed to help yourself relax.

#3 A Dog Can Warm You Up

Cold-blooded sleepers out there, cheer up!

With a dog in your bed, you can forget about potentially dangerous electric blankets and stop worrying about hot bottles flooding your bed.

The average temperature of a dog’s body fluctuates between 100 and 102.5F, compared to 97-99F in humans. This means that these animals can make you feel warmer, acting like a heater that doesn’t need constant monitoring and electricity. So, if you suffer from cold feet or live in cold climates, get yourself a dog (or even a few) and let them sleep with you.

Interesting fact: There’s a phrase ‘three dog night’ that comes from indigenous people in Alaska, who sometimes had to let up to three dogs into their beds in order to stay warm at night.

#4 Sleeping With Your Dog Is Uplifting for Your Mood

Co-sleeping with a dog may help you improve your mood and even combat mild depressive episodes.

The reason for this may hide in oxytocin production. Oxytocin is a neuropeptide synthesized by the hypothalamus. It can act as a hormone and impact a lot of physiological reactions and processes in your brain.

Studies show that oxytocin can modulate anxiety, aggression, and fear response, as well as have mood-boosting effects.

The thing is, oxytocin is naturally produced by our bodies when we care for someone. Thus, getting a dog and caring for him can make you feel needed and loved, thereby reducing the apathy and helping treat depressive episodes.

Also, dogs can engage you in social interactions with other pet owners. Or, they can make you more active because some breeds need long walks and play sessions in order to tame their energy.

Both these activities trigger the production of endorphins and provide you with a feeling of happiness and calm, which is also beneficial for treating depression.

#5 You’ll Have a Better Bonding With Your Four-Legged Friend

Just like humans, dogs can feel depression and separation anxiety, especially if their owner works at the office or has an irregular schedule. In this case, pets spend most of the day alone, which can significantly affect their mood and even health.

By allowing your pet to sleep with you, you show them that you love them, making the bond with your furry friend stronger. As a result, your dog will behave better and become more loyal to you.

So, as you can see, co-sleeping with your dog actually has many good sides. Just make sure that you keep your pet clean and healthy — and let your sleeping routine become more beneficial for both of you.

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