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How Having a City Dog Is a Win-Win for Everyone

By August 29, 2017January 16th, 2018No Comments

A Roommate/Cheerleader whose also Cute!

Being greeted by a wagging tail and wet nose of a dog that is delighted to see you can bring a
smile to anyone’s face. Dogs are happy, fun creatures to be around, and to own. There are lots
of studies that have shown that people that own or are around a dog benefit from its company.
These animals provide physical, mental, and emotional benefits that many aren’t aware.
Having a dog in your life can change it; for the better.

They Make You Feel Less Lonely
If you are single or living alone, or even feel alone, dogs help take that lonely feeling away.
They will sit by you or snuggle with you making you feel better and less alone. They also need
care, so your focus is turned from yourself to a creature that needs you. It helps ebb loneliness
too, because you have something else to care for and show affection to, and in return, they will
do the same.

They Will Love You Forever
One of the greatest benefits of owning a dog is that they will love you unconditionally. Many of
us have difficulty finding this in our relationships or interactions with humans, but with a dog,
there are no questions asked. Your dog won’t care if you failed a quiz or messed up your
presentation at work, they are thrilled to see you and will show their love regardless. They
want to be around us to love and to be loved.


They Give Us a Reason
Depression and negative thoughts can get us feeling down. Owning a pet gives a reason or a
purpose for getting up each day. You look forward to the wet kisses of a cold nose of the
thumping of a tail of a dog that can’t wait to see you and spend time with you. It gives us
responsibility and allows us to care for something meaningful in our lives. Owning a dog adds
purpose to our lives, and their happiness gives us a reason to carry on each day.

They Reduce Anxiety
The number of people that suffer from stress and anxiety is astounding today. Dogs help take
that away. Having a furry friend in your life is comforting. They need and love you, and they
show it. Petting or playing with your pet has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress as well
as lower blood pressure. So not only is owning a pet fun, it is good for you!

They Have Us Live in the Present
Residing in the past or worrying about the future can occupy much of our time, and it isn’t very
healthy. Having a dog helps us live and enjoy the moment right now. They need care and
attention that can’t wait. They want us to play or pet them. Taking pictures of your adorable fuzzy friend and sharing them also helps us achieve mindfulness and enjoy the present
moment. Your dog will bring you back to reality, to live and focus on your life that is right in
front of you.

They Offer Something for Everyone
There are hundreds of dog breeds to choose. Golden retrievers make excellent pets, and there
are many other large and small breeds that can suit your life and your living space. Maybe you
don’t care about race or want to adopt from a local shelter. The choice is up to you. A wet
nose and wagging tail is waiting for you, and they will only improve the quality of life from now

Bio: Sarah Jones is an advocate for animal awareness and proper pet care. She shares her thoughts on the subject, as well as helpful information on her blog Crazy Pet Guy.

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