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One of the challenges most dog owners face when it comes to using CBD for their pets is how many doses to give them. Even if the dosage information is written boldly on the packaging, it is still a bit tricky since your dog can’s say when he’s had enough. But there are some simple tricks you can use in arriving at a safer amount that your dog will be able to handle.

Before you consider using CBD for your pet, you want to do your research and possibly speak with your vet.  You will find useful tips from sites like about how to get started with CBD for pets.

The endocannabinoid system in humans and animals are quite alike since many of the findings from the study of cannabis have been mainly from human trials. And according to the results, there is no known harm associated with the use of CBD products. But you want to know that this does not mean that it is entirely safe for you to feed your dog marijuana. Apart from it been harsh on the digestive system, it could prove to be more harmful, especially if they consume much. 

Finding the Right Dose 

When it comes to safety and cannabis, it usually boils down to two things — the strain of the weed, and the amount you consume. For you to be able to stay within limits, you will need to figure out how much your body will be able to manage. And as I mentioned, pets can let you know when they are high enough, so it is always best to start with smaller doses and up it as time goes on. 

Some factors will help you decide just how much CBD is right for your dog. And they include 

  • Weight 

How much does your dog weigh in kilograms? It is an essential factor you need to note when administering CBD to your pet. Smaller dogs will need a low dose, while larger breeds may be able to manage a few extra milligrams of CBD oil. Most of the best products feature an inscription about dosage according to weight, so you want to check this when shopping for fixes for your pet. 

  • Age 

Older dogs will need more than younger ones, since they may be dealing with other health conditions that come with old age. And that could include joint pain and stress. Depending on what you are treating for, you may decide to consider placing older dogs on CBD patches with high doses of THC, as it could help them relax better than when infused in treats. Especially when they find it hard to eat something, You can find more info here on using CBD to treat dog ailments

  • Medical Condition

If you are treating minor pain and stress-related problems in your dog, then you may need smaller doses over a couple of days. But for severe conditions like cancer, you would have to administer CBD over a while, to help them deal better. You may even have to up doses depending on how they respond to the treatment. As I mentioned earlier, it is always best to speak with a certified vet when using cannabis products to treat pet-related conditions. 

  • The THC Strain 

Now at this point, I will assume that you know the difference between Cannabis Sativa, Indica, and the other less hallucinating variant known as Hemp. Most pet owners worry because they feel that all CBD strains leave you in a euphoric state. If you are familiar with cannabis, then you already know the difference between marijuana and Hemp. But if you don’t, then you probably want to check that out to clear all your doubts. 

To be on the safe side, you want to avoid using any form of THC from marijuana on your pet. While it may be okay for humans, your dog’s brain may not be able to handle that much THC in their blood. And since they can’t speak for themselves, you have to do it for them. There are no worries when it comes to the safety of Hemp for dogs, but it is always best to be careful how much you use, especially when placing your pet on this form on treatment for the first time. 

Final Note 

While Hemp is safe for dogs, you want to note that there are some side effects of THC like vomiting, dry mouth, low blood pressure, and drowsiness. You want to keep your eyes out for signs that your dog is not enjoying the feeling. Also, it is always best to provide adequate hydration for pets when they take cannabis products. While you will also have to stick to the prescribed dose, you also want to keep a close eye on your dog during treatment. 

Lastly, always consult with your vet; they could help with suggestions on safer products for you to try. 

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