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If you’ve dreamt of owning a dog for years, finally getting one will transform you into a completely new person. But that initial magic may wear off a bit when you remember who you used to be before. What happens if you’re a couch potato who adopted a terrier? Or, conversely, what if you love hiking, but your basset hound demands to be carried? Well, you’ll just have to find activities for dogs that you and your pup will enjoy doing together.

Fun, Cozy, and Sporty Things to Do With Your Dog

Ultimately, most dog breeds enjoy spending time outdoors. So let’s start by checking out some of the fun activities for dogs that don’t require much preparation. You’ll just need a leash and perhaps a favorite toy or two.

Take It Outside: Outdoor Activities for Dogs

If you’re looking for fun things to do with your dog, look no further than the nearest patch of grass. That’s all you’ll need for a good game of fetch. Well, that and your pup’s favorite ball, or rope toy- if you’re dogs a runner- save your arm with the chuck-it arm extender for a longer legged dog, or a smaller ball thrower for small breeds.

You can also combine that game with some other classics — tug-of-war (with another dog only) or frisbee. These games are also fantastic backyard activities for dogs because they don’t actually require a lot of space.

On the other hand, if both you and your dog were hoping to stretch your legs a bit, you can go jogging or hiking. If you want to have a specific goal on your walks, you can add Geocaching into the mix. That’s where you make it a point to reach certain coordinates during your trips.

And, if you’re looking for activities for dogs who love water, you can also go paddleboarding at the nearest river or seashore. Some water parks even have dog days at the end of the season when all the pets get to splash around to their hearts’ content.

Visit an Indoor Dog Park On Windy or Rainy Days

If you’re looking for things to do with your dog in the winter, visiting an indoor puppy playground would be the perfect way to spend a snowy Saturday afternoon.

If you’re lucky, you should find one of those after googling the phrase “things to do with your dog near me”. Hopefully, both you and your pup will walk away exhausted, and having made a few new friends. Many of these places also offer obedience classes, which could be another good way to bond with your dog.

But if you’re looking to train your canine companion, you really don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home.

Bonding Time! Fun Things to Do With Your Dog at Home

If you’re looking for indoor activities for dogs, you’ll be happy to hear that even hanging out on the couch together would be acceptable. But that hardly counts as an activity. So let’s list some fun things to do with your dog if you want to engage its mind and body.

One of the best ways to do that is to sit down with your dog and teach it some commands. Everyone can benefit from this. You’d get a more obedient dog and your pup will feel much closer to you.

If your place isn’t absolutely tiny, and you don’t have downstairs neighbors, you could even engage in an indoor game of fetch. Alternatively, you can hide your dog’s toys or snacks and have it sniff them out! And if you want to make food fun for your pup, you could purchase a puzzle feeder.

Aside from being the perfect couch potato solution for your pup’s need for exercise, these are also great rainy day activities for dogs. Of course, if you’re looking for things to do with your dog when it’s cold, you should keep in mind that your dog will want to see its pals even during the winter months. So you should try to arrange a few doggy dates even when you can’t go to your local dog park.

Preventing Boredom: Fun Activities for Dogs to Do When Home Alone

Obviously, we all hate leaving our pups home alone. But at some point, you’ll at least have to go out for groceries. So let’s briefly talk about how you could make sure your dog won’t have a cow while you’re out.

Start by leaving your dog’s two favorite toys out in the open. If it tends to quickly become bored with a single toy, you might want to get several and cycle them. You can also combine toys and treats by stuffing a hollow rubber toy with natural peanut butter.

If your dog is especially nosy, you should leave the blinds up and provide a way for it to get to the window. Additionally — or alternatively, you could leave the TV on and change the channel to Animal Planet or cartoons.

If your dog is way too anxious to be alone, you could try giving it a relaxing snack or two. But if you’re at work for more than a few hours at a time and your dog isn’t quite house trained yet, you might want to schedule a dog walker or drop your dog off at doggy daycare every morning.

How to Find Activities for Dogs Near Me

Ultimately, if you’re looking for fun things to do with your dog inside or outdoors, you ought to start by looking up interesting dog-friendly venues online. You’d be surprised at the kinds of gems you might discover! And who knows? You may just end up finding your dog’s new favorite spot!

Weigh in below and let us know which resources you tap into for your dogs play and socialization needs!

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