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Meta: The best guide on how to keep dog from eating cat food and other important tips that no one will tell you about your dog and cat.


Have you ever set food for your cat, and be disappointed later that the cat didn’t eat it? What took the food? Probably, the dog right? It can be so disappointing to have the cat miss the food because it was eaten by its friend. Cat food can be comfortably eaten by a dog. It can’t cause a problem to the dog, unlike the other way round whereby dog food can harm the cat. A dog can eat anything edible to it. So what do you do to stop it from eating the cat’s food? How can you ensure that your cat feeds well in the presence of a dog? To find out more solutions to these problems, please read through the article.sss

What attracts the dog to the cat’s food?

Dogs are mischievous. They love stealing cat food and any other food on its sight. Dogs are naturally playful too, so it may find it good to play with the cat. In the process of playing, eating its food. Dogs are also big, meaning they can always disadvantage the cat by taking away and eating its food.

Is it bad for a dog to eat food designated for a cat?

Going by the name cat food, it means that this food is specifically meant for the cat’s body. To a cat, this is a well-balanced meal, good for its body. On the other hand, for a dog, it is not balanced and can affect its body and the internal organs. Cat food is rich in fiber, proteins and some other nutrients that can cause harm to the dog. The liver and kidneys are likely to suffer too. Where possible, keep the cat food away from the dog.

What are some of the notable effects of cat food on the dog’s body?

As stated earlier, cat food is not appropriate for the dog. Worst still is the kitten food. It is highly rich in fiber and protein which is even worse for a dog. An adult cat meal is better for your dog as compared to that of the kitten.

After ingesting the food, you are most likely to notice the following from the dog.

  1. Vomiting.
  2. Dizziness – the dog feeling sleepy.
  3. Diarrhea.
  4. Pancreatitis – This condition is a life-threatening one to the dog.
  5. General body weakness and being sickly especially when it has taken too much of the cat food.

Having seen the above negative effects of cat’s meal to the dog, then it is appropriate to keep it away from the dog. It is better to avoid problems than to cure.

So how then do we keep away the dog from the cat food?

There are several ways that this can be done. There is no universal method of doing it. Any appropriate method can be used for prevention. The most common ways of doing it however are:

  • Always store your cat food away from the dog. Do not let the dog come into constant sight with the food. When not always in sight, the dog may never get used to it, hence can avoid eating it after all.
  • Feed all the pets at the same time. Make the dog preoccupied with its food then the cat is feeding. If you can’t do that, then feed the cat in seclusion. This will prevent the dog from coming into contact with the cat food all the time.
  • Dogs are usually mischievous. They can get into any corner of your residence, hence discovering out where you store/keep the food. To avoid this, where possible, always store the cat food in a high place where the dog cannot access.
  • Always have and maintain a schedule of feeding all your pets. If all your pets are fed on a scheduled and frequent time, then there is less possibility of the dog eating the cat’s meal. They would be satisfied until the next scheduled time.
  • Try as much as possible to give your dog a variety of meals. A single meal is boring and unhealthy. This will work well in preventing the dog from invading the cat’s meal.
  • Build a strong barrier to where you store your cat’s food. This barrier can also be in places where you feed your cat. The barrier should be strong enough not to be knocked down by the dog. The barrier should also be high enough to prevent the dog from jumping over if it is in an open environment.
  • Train your dog to understand that it is not allowed to consume cat food. A dog is good at taking instructions. If you train him well, it will take your instructions well. You can invest in a dog trainer. A dog trainer can give him good lessons on what to eat and what not to eat.


In conclusion, therefore, it is good to note that cat food is neither good nor healthy for the dog. With frequent and continuous consumption, the effects may be devastating. Adhere to the above procedures and always have your dog avoid the cat food and remain healthy, won’t you?

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