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Is your dog feeling a little low lately? Are you looking for ways to pamper your little pet? Look no further because here is a guide on how to cheer your dog up with a gift basket, complete with a wishes quotes gift card! A gift basket is a fantastic, an exciting option that will surely bring a gleam to your dog’s eyes. There is a plethora of options related to pet gift baskets available like the ones from; from readymade ones to DIY projects. The important thing to note is that your basket should be customized to suit the taste of your dog in order for you to bring maximum joy to it! 

Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking of presenting your dog with a gift basket. 


As is the case with most gift baskets, having a set theme in mind really makes things easier for the gift giver while also helping you decide the contents of the basket. Some common gift basket themes include Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthday etc. Moreover, the gift basket can also be for a dog you have just adopted and it can also be a get well soon present. 

If you just want to give your dog a gift basket as a token of your appreciation, not just for an occasion, even then having a theme color would add a lot of creativity to what would otherwise might end up looking like a plain gift basket. Give your dog’s gift as much effort and thought as you might give to any close person’s gift! Your dog will certainly appreciate it as much too.  

What to put inside?

There is a wide range of dog related choices that you can choose from in the market. One of the choices is usually dog chews. We all know how much dogs love to chew! And if they don’t have a toy to chew on, they will end up chewing on your shoes, clothes, furniture or even your fingers. To save yourself from this minor inconvenience, get your dog a chew toy to satisfy their instincts. It’s a win situation for everyone! 

The next popular choice for your dog’s gift basket is dog treats. Treats are quite different from ordinary biscuits that are available as dog food. Usually used as an incentive to train new dogs, treats are guaranteed to make your pet very happy! They are available in a variety of flavors and you can pick one according to what your dog enjoys or you can buy an assortment of them and let your dog pick. You can also add dog approved biscuits and cookies. 

A nice and cozy blanket is also a great item to add to your gift basket. A plush toy is also an option for dogs who simply love to be cuddled. Add a cute shirt or onesie to the mix and your gift basket is good to go. 

Do not forget to add a cute gift card to the basket. Your dog might not be able to read but he or she will definitely interpret the sentiment! 

DIY vs. Ready Made? 

There are amazingly put together gift baskets for dogs available on online websites including Amazon, Pampered Paw Gifts and Bisket Baskets. These are available for fairly affordable prices, starting from 30 dollars and going up to 70 dollars, depending on the quality and quantities of products. 


While purchasing a readymade basket for your dog is the convenient, and less time consuming, option, it might turn out to be too expensive for your allocated budget. A DIY gift basket is fairly easy to assemble and you might be able to find most of the necessary items – such as ribbons and an appropriate basket – in your own house. The rest can be bought at affordable prices from your nearest pet store. While it might take more time to make your own basket, this approach is bound to save you a lot of money while being able to make customized choices for your dog and adding your own creative flair to the gift. 

Hopefully, this overview will help you in assembling the perfect gift basket to raise your dog’s spirits! Don’t hesitate to improvise and add original ideas that you know your pet will appreciate. 

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