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With several offices closed and many of us working from home during the pandemic, we are spending a lot more time at home with our furry, scaly, and feathered friends. And a lot of them are just loving it! Luckily the risk of us spreading COVID-19 to our pets and vise versa is very low, according to the CDC. Shelters have even seen record numbers of adoptions during this time as we get in touch with our pet-lover sides. So how can we give them some extra attention while we have the opportunity?

Get Some Exercise

Getting outside for some exercise with your pet is an excellent way to boost your mental and physical health for both of you during this time. Though social distancing may be restricting us from going to the local park (or dog park) to play with others, there are still options like your backyard, walking around the neighborhood, and finding hiking trails to explore with your best friend. Your pet gets to burn some energy and you get to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the season. If you have indoor-only pets like cats, break out the toys and get them playing like young kittens again!    

Stock Up on Medications, Treats, and Food

You’ve likely stocked up on food and supplies for yourself so you don’t have to visit the stores too often, but don’t forget to do the same for your pets. During these times, many veterinarians will give you extra refills on your pets’ medications to cut down on your trips out of the house. You may also want to buy some extra containers of food and treats, especially if they have a fairly long shelf life. Also, the weather is getting warmer, so buy the proper flea and tick preventatives to keep your pet and home from becoming infested this summer. 

Let Them Be Close to You

Your cat or dog may seem to want all your attention while you’re at home. If you still have to work from your computer or laptop, try letting your pets sit by your feet, on your lap, or next to you on the couch as you work. Sometimes, they just want to be close enough to have a small part of their body in contact with yours to be happy and satisfied. If they aren’t quite calm enough for you to get your work done, encourage other family members to play with them to help expel their extra energy.

Groom Your Pet at Home

If you and your pet are used to spending time at beauty salons and grooming parlors, you are likely going to have to switch to doing your best with these luxuries at home. Avoid going to businesses to bathe your pet and do it yourself instead. You’ll be keeping yourself and your pet safer and healthier during this quarantine time. If your pet has a special needs coat, try searching the Internet for information on the best tools to groom their fur with. You and your pet can have a little fun and make a spa day out of it!

Separation Anxiety After Returning to Work

As the economy and states begin to reopen, many of us will have to return to work. This lengthy time of spending whole days with our pets is coming to an end, and many people are wondering if their pet has settled into a new routine. Will their fur baby get separation anxiety once they have returned to work full-time? This is quite possible for some pets, as a solid routine is a normal part of their lives. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make the transition easier. Avoid giving long and hyped-up goodbyes or greetings to your pet. Give them toys as a distraction before you leave the house. You could also give them CBD+CBDA oil for pets to help relieve any stress they may be experiencing from your absence. CBD pet treats are a safe option to promote calm feelings for both cats and dogs.

When you finally return to work, just remember that your pets have enjoyed months of spending extra time with you and are happier for it. Not every pet owner has the luxury of working from home full time, but we can always shower our pets with love and attention during the times that we are home with them. We do our best to provide for everyone in our family, and pets are no exception.

Author Bio: Aaron Smith is a writer and copy strategist for several nonprofits and companies. He enjoys covering topics important to pet owners, and is a dedicated dog dad to his three pups: Buddy, Roxy, and Kaya.

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