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Have you just adopted the cutest pup in the world? Chances are you are suddenly all excited and are looking forward to the best days of your life. It’s nothing like cuddling and playing all day with your dog.

But just like newborn babies, you need to handle new pups with care. You might be having sleepless nights as your puppy wakes up all the time. But the good thing is puppies learn quickly, and in no time you and your dog will be having deep sleep sessions together.

Training your puppy to sleep through the night:

Crate Your Puppy

Placing your pup in a dog crate is a sure shot way to make him sleep all night. Make him feel secure by keeping the box near your bed. Lay him down before bedtime and darken the room. And don’t forget to stay shush or they’ll wake up again. Doggytalent talks about Dog Training and contains updated info about Dog Behavior.

Play classical music

Classical songs or soothing sounds are effective de-stressers for dogs. It’s not just you who needs songs to sleep after all. Play these before bedtime until they sleep.

Take enough potty breaks

Before your puppy gets in the habit of pooping at regular timings, you need to take care he doesn’t pee in his crate. Try to set alarms and wake up your puppy at night for potty breaks. Don’t start playing or cuddling though, as he may think it’s playtime. The dog needs to remain sleepy.

Start waking up early

For those of us who like to wake up till late, it’s time for a change in routine. Puppies are usually a morning person and would wake up as soon as light enters the room. Start waking up early, and your dog will follow your routine all day.

Pay attention to exercise

Your pup’s energy may vary depending on the breed he’s from. Some dogs sleep more than others. If your puppy is too energetic at night, you need to play more with him in the day. Take him for a walk or play with the ball. Try to spend his energy in any way you think.

Write a schedule and stick to it

Display the routine and send it to everyone in the house. You need to make him learn together. Every member of your family must know when your pup needs to play and when he needs to sleep. Consistently following a schedule will make him learn to sleep at night faster than anything else.

While these tricks are essential in getting your puppy sleep intently through the night, it can take some time. Don’t be cruel or erratic with their behavior at the start. Here is the typical behavior you should expect with a new puppy.

Don’t turn lights on

Dogs are sensitive animals. They wake up from the slightest changes in their environment. While the sound is the first stimulant, light is no less.

If you wake up at night for some reason, don’t turn on the lights if your pup’s sleeping. Also, try to keep the phone lights away from your dog. Absence of light activates Melatonin which lets your dog go into a deep sleep.

What sleeping pattern to expect from a new puppy?

  • They will sleep quickly and for long in the night after a long day of cuddling and playing.
  • They might be stressed and need time mixing with strangers. Your puppy may not sleep at all on his first night. 

Everyday Hacks to Puppy Issues

When your puppy doesn’t sleep in his bed

Most probably their crate or bed is too hot or uncomfortable. You must ensure proper ventilation and soft bed sheets. If your pup sleeps in a warm area, he might be feeling too hot.

Try to open his crate and let him sleep on the cooler floor. You may also try to wash a bedsheet with a different detergent as smell might be disturbing your dog.

When your dog doesn’t get enough physical exercise

If you didn’t have time to play with your pup all day, he might be left with too much energy at night. You can instead try to train him before sleep.

Mental exercises can also be excellent in tiring dogs. Perhaps, it will also train him to be obedient. But draw a line between training and playing. Don’t get him into a habit of playing at night.

When will your puppy start getting into a schedule himself?

Puppies generally start getting into a proper schedule after four months. Your persistence, training, affection, and diligence can make yours learn quicker, though.

If you are persistent with your routine and provide enough affection, your puppy will start feeling at home quickly. Ask the puppy’s previous home for a towel or toy that belonged to his mother. Dogs identify scents, and having such a thing will make them feel at home quicker.

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