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How to Travel Safely with Your Pooch

If you are traveling with your dog to New York or around the city, then you have probably got all your furry BFF’s needs sorted out – including accommodation, food, and of course, dog nannying, if you will be out and about visiting the city sites. If you are one of the 45% of Americans who enjoys taking road trips, you’ll want to make sure you’ve worked out how to travel safely. Your dog should be comfy and firmly secured inside of the car, so that in the even of a sudden break, they won’t be injured by any rough movement. By planning in advance, you will feel safe and secure knowing that your pooch is as cared for as all the humans in the vehicle.

Is Your Car Big Enough?

The first consideration before traveling by car should be which vehicle to use. If you will be traveling with children as well and need to fit suitcases and of course, your dog’s crate, an SUV-sized vehicle is the minimum you should go for if comfort is a priority. The trunk in particular should be large enough to accommodate your suitcases, plus additional items such as your child’s stroller or food items. This will enable the passenger area to be taken up exclusively by your dog’s crate and the people traveling. SUVs and crossovers are a good middle ground between a small car and a 4×4 and they will allow you to travel in a clean, uncluttered fashion. This is important, since equipment and other items in a car can technically pose a risk for injury.

Choosing Your Dog’s Means of Travel

Whichever mode of travel you choose (crate, simply seatbelt, dog hammock etc.), your dog should always be secured with a seatbelt, so in the event of braking, they remain in place. If you opt for a crate, go with an IATA-compliant one, which means it’s also airline-approved. This is a good idea, because these crates are made with the safety and comfort of dogs in mind, and once you have one, you won’t need to buy a separate crate if you should decide to travel by plane. The crate should be breathable and have a gap through which your pooch’s seatbelt can be secured to the clasp on the car seat. If you will be traveling to New York from a nearby city and there is plenty of room in the back, you might prefer a zipline harness instead. This will keep your dog firmly attach to its seat, but will not provide the external protection that a crate can. Other choices include dog hammocks, which permit dogs to lie down comfortably and stops them from climbing to the front seat area.

Bringing Required Supplies and a First Aid Kit

You will probably be taking frequent pit stops, so ensure your dog has plenty of water and his favorite snacks. Also, bring a first aid kit in your car, with items such as nose balm (to keep your dog’s nose hydrated in the winter), antibacterial ointment, bandages, etc. You never know when your dog might get a small scratch and need assistance, so it pays to have everything at hand instead of packed away in a big suitcase.

If you are taking a road trip and traveling with Fido, make sure the journey is safe and comfortable for him. You can do so by traveling in a spacious car and by opting for a crate that is big enough for your dog to turn around in and rest peacefully. Don’t forget snacks and water as well; Fido may be jealous if he sees you snacking during a break, so bring his favorite treats so he feels like the part of the family that he is!

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