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It is good to know that there are trillions of bacteria called probiotics that live in the dog’s intestine. Together with fungi and viruses, these bacteria make up a gut microbiome and play a vital role in your dog’s health. One of the significant roles of these bacteria is to break down food. Apart from this, they also play a role in your dog’s mental health, metabolism, immune system, and brain health.

Your dog’s gut is the primary system that dictates a dog’s behaviors and other factors on a daily basis. Some aspects can positively improve your dog’s gut health, like giving your dog a good diet and putting it in the right environment. What happens if harmful bacteria infect your dog? Well, the trillions of good bacteria found in the gut need to feed, and therefore, they will compete with the harmful one for food, thus starving the harmful bacteria to keep your dog healthy.

Another thing is that you should always keep your dog hydrated all the time. Water is very optimal for every living creature and brings many advantages to these living creatures’ bodies. Therefore, it should be essential to ensure that you give your dog a safe drinking water like the berkey water for healthy cells and eliminate dehydration issues.

Tips to Show the Importance of Water to Your Dog’s Gut and Health:

It Prevents your Dog from Dehydration

Your dog’s body must maintain water equilibrium all the time. What does this mean? It means that water intake should equal the water loss due to urination, sweating, stool, and panting. A good number of signs can indicate dehydration issues such as; dry eyes, dry nose, dry gums, sunken eyes, and tears stop forming around the corners of your dog’s eyes. You can also pick up folds of dragging skin over shoulder blades, and if it takes longer to bounce back as it should, that is a sign of dehydration. Enough water in your dog’s body can also make your dog have brighter and shiny skin.

It Improves the Digestive System

Water plays an important role when it comes to the digestive system of a dog. It helps in food breakdown ingested by a dog and in the absorption of nutrients. Water usually helps in the secretion of acids and enzymes that are necessary for the digestive process. The more active your dog digestive system is, the healthier it is. Again, if your dog is not eliminating as it is supposed to be, it has dehydration problems. An active digestive system will help your dog have fewer tummy aches (Diarrhea, upset stomach, loose stool).

Mental Health

The bacteria in your dog’s gut play an essential role in your dog’s mental health because it can communicate with the mind of your dog. The dog’s gut releases most of the hormones, a chemical language that speaks with the mind. The hormones will then dictate your dog’s feelings, such as stress level, mood, hunger, and many more. When your dog has enough water in the body, it means that your dog’s gut will stay healthy to facilitate hormones.

Water Helps in Lubrication, Cushion, and Movement

It is very accurate that water plays a vital role in every biological process. Water is the primary factor that helps in the cushioning and lubrication of joints, making it easier for mobility and movement with no pain. This makes itpossible for your dog to move and in exercising.

Apart from movement and lubrication, other body  organs and tissues rely heavily on water to fu nction correctly. They include eyes, mucous membranes, spinal cord, and many others.

Water helps to move nutrients and in the release of waste and toxins

The blood mainly consists of water and supplies nutrients throughout the dog’s body. The purpose of water in the blood is to aid the movement of these nutrients into the body cells so that each organ and muscle can receive correct nutrition. After utilizing these nutrients by the dog’s body, they are then excreted from the body through secretion, urination, and bowel movement as waste and toxins, which is aided by water.

In conclusion, a dog should drink one ounce of water per pound weight. It is veryimportant to observe your dog keenly to ensure that it always stays in good health. Make sure that you are boosting the health of your dog’s gut by giving them the correct diet for gut improvement.

You should also get doctors’ recommendations before administering antibiotics medication to your dog. Antibiotics are the real threat to the bacterias in the dog’s gut because they kill them; however, if you ever notice that your dog’s health is deteriorating and there nothing you can do, ensure that you make an appointment with an animal doctor.

Water is obviously essential to gut health and mental decision making, but what about food and treats?  Read our guide on the Do’s and Don’t for Dog Treats.

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