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How to keep the dog’s coat healthy shine bright, in a safe way? There are so many ways you can do to take care of the dog’s skin and coat. Doing routine maintenance such as shampooing your dog once a every other week using the dog shampoo, brushing or combing his fur every two days to help remove the top layer of dead skin to grow new skin healthier, provide nutritional supplements to improve and strengthen the immune system

It should be noted also on how to maintain healthy skin and coat to keep them safe from any skin problems, especially the danger of fleas and tick infestation, bacteria, fungus, mites, germs. Mostly thick hairy dog owners, routinely grooming your dog, as well as important treatment for dogs with thin coats.


  • Internal factors

Maintain a healthy body from the inside, in addition to providing a healthy and high-quality dog food , provide nutrients, supplements, Omega 3 and omega 6 mix in her food to keep the immune system remains in excellent condition.

  • Exercise

Create a daily schedule for exercise with your dog, regular exercise such as jogging or walking in the park early in the morning can be healthy for the body, burn calories, it also makes rejuvenation of cells which can make the immune system increases

  • Dog Grooming

Always perform regular maintenance will keep your dog furry and skin healthier, soft and radiant. Comb the dog every day or about three times a week can help exfoliate dead skin and matted fur. Use the right shampoo specifically for dogs and be sure to do your research.  Be sure to brush your dogs hair before the bath and after the bath!  This will help prevent matting.

Dog shampoo is made for dogs. Baby shampoo is made for babies– do not make this mistake. One appropriate to clean dog skin and coat thoroughly and keep dog pH skin balanced. Even when you want  to choose a proper shampoo for puppies, product shampoo for puppies specially formulated for skin — may be the most appropriate for silky soft skin and coat- look for shampoos and conditioners made from organic and not painful for the eyes.

  • Natural Ingredients

It’s safe and very beneficial for dog’s skin, such as prevent from fleas and ticks. In fact, you may be amazed when shampoo or soap are not able to overcome the most difficult skin problems, but natural products can handle it completely and safely.

Natural materials such as coconut oil, neem oil, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, jojoba oil  for skin health and help address the issue of dog coats. although the material is usually already contained in the shampoo product but using natural ingredients above directly have an effect much better.



Keeping and caring for the dogs need to be consistent, regular, and give extra attention to your dog. By doing regular maintenance, in addition to maintaining the health, hygiene and make the dog coat remains beauty and awesome, there are other factors more important is to make your dog live longer. Regularly touching your pup’s skin/coat can also help in early detection of any abnormalities.

Jay Lim is the founder, His simple philosophy is to learn while sharing. based on experience and thorough research, he put it in writing in articles about dogs on his blog site dedicated to providing information, guidance, care, health, and all things related about dogs.

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