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Are you considering adopting a fur-child?  Is your first born ready for 2020 to take a right turn?  Perhaps, the run of the mill clothing in your local dog boutique is not quite (p)up your stream (couldn’t resist that pun).

Here are 7 adorable doggie must haves that we know will up the ante on your dog’s cute factor…as if that were possible!!

Doggie Onesies

Dogs spend, oh at least 12 hours a day sleeping it seems. Why not have your pooches’ indoor wear match their adoreableness with a doggie onesie? For winter time, check out this out of this world fleece pj.

A Popped Collar or Bow

We also love the idea of a “pop” in the collar.  Why go ordinary when your pup can look even more sophisticated throughout the day?

Stylish Poop Bag Holders

When your pup goes outside on the walk.  Convenience is key for a poop bag holder, but style makes your whole getup tasteful.

A Raincoat for all Seasons

A must have is a raincoat for your pup.  We personally enjoy the transparent one so you can see your pups cute fur/coat. For those of you who want another chic choice, we like the below rain jacket.

A Winter Fleece

Every dog can benefit from wearable winter wear for outdoor walks.  We like this cabin look.

Every dog is a Royalty-

Your pup is also your child. And sometimes, children need to be carrier.  Here’s a stylish way to tote your pup around town which equalizes weigh distribution.

A Stylish Matchy-Matchy Leash & Collar Set


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