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In 2016, almost 57 percent of all U.S. households owned a pet. With the rising percentage of pet ownership, more people are wanting the best for their pets while also making caring for them easier and better. In the world today, technology is at the forefront of consumerism. We, as a society, focus on making daily task easier than ever before through the use of technology. From cellphones and online messengers and apps that deliver groceries and laundry, society is evolving to become as efficient as possible. This can be said about taking care of our furry friends as well. On top of services such as dog nannies and daycare, technology offers another layer of care for your four-legged friends.

Efficient Feeding Tech

Juggling a busy schedule and caring for a pet can be a difficult combination and owners want to make sure their pets will be okay when they are away from home. Technology is a great way to ensure this. With the introduction of technological self-feeders and smart water bowls to the market, owners can stick to a regular feeding schedule and offer their pets fresh water without even being in the house.

Some self-feeders offer mental stimuli, keeping your dog occupied and out of mischief if you are not at home. Through the use of positive reinforcement through food, dogs can get treats from such gadgets with a touch of a snout. Another innovation is the automatic pet doors; now your pooch can come and go as they please without their owner’s presence or the fear of uninvited guest entering. Many of these gadgets are activated by smart collars worn by the dog and often incorporate apps for the owners to control as well.

Worry Less with Tech

Creating a smart home can help take the burden off of yourself, allowing technology to help fill in gaps for not only human needs, but pet needs as well. Long days at the office or vacations can keep you away from your pet. And although dogs can not communicate like humans, technology has found a way to bridge the gap between owners and dogs while they are away from each other though.

Technology has been developed that can combine audio and camera to communicate and observe your four legged friend, all through your mobile device. These communicative devices let you watch and interact with your pets while you are away. Many offer built in treat dispensers, so while you are checking up on your dog, you can feed them treats and keep them engaged. While these gadgets are beneficial for your pets, they are also very helpful to you as they make life as a pet owner less worrisome.

With all the technology available, it is easy to monitor your dog’s activities while you are apart from each other. It is even possible to keep track of your dog’s whereabouts with a smart collar. Never fear losing your pet if they escape from the front door or backyard as smart collars have GPS to notify where your furry friend is located. Some even go as far as log in the activity of your dog throughout the day. Alerts are sent to your device through an app, text, and/or email to monitor your dog. The advancement in technology allows interaction between the pet and owner even when they cannot be together and help provide peace of mind about your friend at home.

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