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Best 2018 Dog Nutrition Tips from the Dog Experts

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Deal with the Dog Experts:

Our NYC based team actively asks Centurian dog owners what they feed their dog and what they did that contributed to their dog’s long life span.  Everyday dog parents with puppies and dogs of all ages ask us questions about dog nutrition.  Whether they have just brought a rescue dog into their home or their pup has all of a sudden developed a distaste for the dog food they’ve been eating since day one.  Some reside with fickle eaters (Maltese seem to win the prize on that one) and others have puppies that eat for two days and then skip an entire 24 hours! So, what gives?

Our Speal:

What do we recommend and why?  If you’re interested in creating a momentum of longevity, a sprightly demeanor, starving off communicable diseases and having your dog be overall healthy in mind, body and spirit then listen up!   It’s important for us that your pet not only gets nutrition that he/she likes but also to that the nutrients are being fully absorbed into their bodies. These days that includes a holistic approach–from dog food, table scraps, supplements, water, vitamins and yet even minerals (we always forget about those don’t we?)

A Time Before Commericalized Dog Food:

Ahh, the pet food industry.  Whether you cook for your dog at home, frequent the grocery store for your dog’s food or have jumped on the farm-to-table dog food program, the variety of dog food is ever expanding.  A brief history of table scraps. Did you know that prior to the 1950s that kibble didn’t exist. That’s right, dogs were regularly fed table scraps.  It was only after dog food became a commodity that table scraps became a no-no.  Regardless of your stance, we are all about your pet getting the nutrients they require to live a healthy and long life– everyday.

If you are feeding your pup dry food (kibble), here are some signs and symptoms to check for yourself or have your dog nanny, groomer or vet can assist you with that may indicate an allergy or vitamin/mineral deficiency:

  • eye boogers
  • ear infections
  • scratching/itching
  • tear staining
  • foul smelling urine/feces
  • diahhrea
  • brittle nails
  • hair loss
  • bad breath

Just like with humans, many allergies are chronic and build up over time.  So a food that seems to show no allergic reaction in your pet may not show up for a long time. Also, you may have adopted a pup/rescue and the dog’s baseline for how they are may be with these allergies.  It can also take months for a food to works its way out of the dogs diet.

We recommend a diet of at least 50% wet food for dogs and if you’re going the canned food route we recommend  Merrick Wet Food, Trader Joes wet food (at $1.50) a can who can beat that? For dry food picky eaters seem to love Stella and Chewey’s Freeze Dried.  Many of our clients are feeding their pups meals prepared dog chef experts such as The Farmer’s Dog or following simple dog food recipes at home.

Beyond Probiotics

Three years ago probiotics swept the nation for people and pets. Probiotics helps the stomach food and can even help reduce and/or manage weight gain.

Supplements we recommend to use in combination for maximum nutrient absorption available on-line:

Beyond Tapwater

Sure New York City boasts of the nation’s best tap water, however it’s good check the list of the ingredients found that you might not want your precious pup to be digesting on the regular.  Don’t forget the healthy water intake is just as important for our animal friends as it is for us as is consuming the proper amount for optimal hydration per your pets breed/size! We always encourage the most eco-friendly option which would be an alkaline water filter.  

Alkaline water includes several benefits can help fight cancer and other diseases in the dog’s body and is an overall great way to help create a baseline for your dog’s hydration.

This article was written by Cynthia Okimoto at New York Dog Nanny.  This advise is not to meant as a substitute for veterinary advise.  We also participate as an Amazon Affiliate. Your purchasing through our links helps support our research and recommendations.

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