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CBD hit the health market with a bang, and now we all know of its plethora of health and therapeutic benefits as well as the side effects it has on humans. However, the same way CBD will affect the human body is not the same way it will affect a canine companion.

However, CBD works through the same receptors for dogs as it does for humans. Hence, even your furry friend is bound to suffer specific side effects when using CBD oil. CBD can be helpful for dogs with inflammation, anxiety, seizures, and helps reduce pain for dogs suffering from cancer.

CBD will bond with a network of receptors located throughout a dog’s body known as the endocannabinoid system and stimulate healing and health in our canine friends. Dog owners with senior dogs can use CBD oil to ease the dog’s symptoms of arthritis.

CBD has slowly been taking the pet health industry by storm as well. However, pet owners find themselves wondering if CBD is safe for a dog in the first place and what possible side effects dogs could suffer after using CBD.

However, the possibility of side effects depends on the individual pooch. Variables like gender, age, and size determine how much CBD you should give your canine companion.

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Possible Side Effects of CBD on Dogs


CBD will help your furry friend with fear caused by panic or anxiety. An anxious dog will tremble, whine, or urinate spontaneously. This is especially common in dogs suffering from separation anxiety. Some dogs don’t like being left alone, and they turn into anxious beasts whenever that happens.

However, some dogs may experience alleviated anxiety after using CBD, but some may get so relaxed that they get drowsy. Speak to your vet in this case about the dosing depending on how lethargic your pooch gets when drowsy.

If you also notice an abnormal amount of lethargy in your dog, you should not ignore it. Dogs shouldn’t sleep for more than ten hours a day or be active between naps if you notice this, it could also be a side effect of CBD. Dogs should be active and full of energy when they are awake.

If you let your dog sleep too much, he could gain weight and suffer from other health issues. Even if CBD could be working for your dog, sleeping too much could mean that he is on a high CBD dose. Your vet can keep regulating the dosage to a point where your canine companion starts behaving normally again.

Dry Mouth

Most pet owners don’t quite enjoy cleaning after their dog’s slobber. However, saliva plays a critical role in the health of dogs like it does in the health of humans. Saliva helps with dental hygiene, as well as digestion.

Hence, if saliva production in your dog were to slow down or stop, their teeth and gums will be affected, giving them bad breath and making it painful or difficult to swallow, which affects their health.

While dogs with less saliva will try to compensate for the lack of fluids in their throat and mouth by consuming a lot of water, that is only a band-aid solution and not a real solution.

Hence, if you notice that your pup is having a reduction in saliva production when CBD is administered, you should consider reducing or stopping the CBD dosage for some time and seeing if it goes away. If it does go away, then you can resume giving your pup a reduced dose of CBD. You should also seek the advice of your vet.


Some dogs don’t enjoy the taste of CBD because it is bitter. Luckily, there are CBD products with flavoring that will help with the bitterness, and you can find a flavor that your dog likes.

If your dog starts vomiting after taking CBD, you should first consult the vet to determine that CBD is triggering the vomiting because vomiting can cause dehydration in dogs and lead to other pains.

Low Blood Pressure

If you notice your dog becomes more sleepy or sluggish when you give him CBD oil, then you should bring it up with your vet on your next visit and be sure that it’s a side effect of CBD or an underlying condition.

We recommend letting your vet know you have been treating your pup with CBD oil to examine if your dog is lethargic or overly tired.

Bottom Line

It is always important to supervise your dog’s actions and monitor his behavior when you start him on CBD oil treatment. This will help you notice any unwanted side effects. We recommend waiting until the side effects wear off, and then you can restart administering CBD on a lower dose.

If you notice no side effects after one week with a low dose, you can slowly increase the dosage until you reach the desired outcomes. Visit this webpage for more information on CBD for dogs.

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