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Your dog is also entitled to some hours of play just like kids. This is important to develop their physical and mental health properly. As a pet owner, you also need to provide them with toys and treats that will make them happy.

One good option to provide them with these is through the Bullymake Box. Here’s what it is and the benefits of getting it:

What is a Bullymake Box?

It’s a subscription box specially created to address the needs of pet owners with toys and treats for their lovable pets. What makes a Bullymake Box unique is that the items inside are best suited for super chewers. It also contains some dog treats that are high in protein. You can check this Bullymake Box review for additional information about this subscription box.

Toys for chewing

Toys are essential for dogs since these help improve their physical and mental strength. In the case of Bullymake Box toys, these can provide several benefits for your dog:

  • Stress management 

Your dog might feel anxious, and they need to release this stress by chewing, shredding, and ripping items. Bullymake toys are made from durable materials to ensure that they can withstand the strength of your power chewer. Hard nylon and dense rubber are some of the materials used when creating Bullymake toys. These materials can endure enough force and have low breakability.

  • Promotes oral health

Chew toys are beneficial for dogs to maintain good oral health. Chewing into something cleans their teeth because the friction between their teeth and the toy can be associated with the process of brushing teeth in humans.

Another reason why pets chew toys is that they are teething and it somehow feels itchy in their mouth. Chew toys can alleviate the itchy feeling.

  • Exercises their muscles

Chew toys are essential to keep the jaw muscles strong, which can be good for dogs.

  • Gives a sense of security and enjoyment

Toys can provide a sense of security for your dog. Just like kids, toys can be their security blanket if they feel threatened or scared in some circumstances. 

The most common use of toys is to provide enjoyment. Your dog can be preoccupied if they have toys to chew on. This can make them more manageable, especially if you’re busy and dealing with a lot of stuff at home.

Dog treats

A Bullymake Box also includes dog treats your pet can enjoy. Here are some benefits of dog treats:

  • Nutritional supplement

Dog treats that are included in a Bullymake Box are formulated especially for power chewers. These dog treats are composed of high protein and energy treats to nourish your dog well. 

  • Natural and organic

Sometimes, highly processed dog food can expose your dog to certain health risks. To avoid this, you need to be careful in the ingredients of the food you provide to your dog. It’s always recommended to stick to a natural diet because it has higher nutritional content and it’s very safe for consumption.

If you’re worried that some dog treats have questionable ingredients, Bullymake Box ensures that veterinarians recommend all the dog treats that will be sent to you because they’re natural and organic

  • Can cater to pets with special requirements

Some pets are allergic to beef, poultry or grain, so it’s difficult for them to get dog food that’s free from these allergens. Their options for food are very limited, and sometimes they can’t enjoy dog treats because of their allergies. Bullymake Box can provide pets with special requirements since they can offer allergen-free treats.

The Bullymake Box is not only beneficial to your pet, but also to you as the pet owner as well:

1.    Greater savings – Since Bullymake box toys are made from high-quality materials, the toys are very durable. You don’t have to replace them frequently, which can cost more money. 

If your dog does manage to destroy the toys within 14 days after receiving the box, Bullymake will replace them. In addition, a more extended subscription can also provide you with more savings compared to when you choose to pay monthly.

2.    Unique – They deliver toys that are unique and not readily accessible in the market. 

3.    Flexibility – You can easily change the frequency of how often you receive the boxes. Also, you can opt to just receive toys in your boxes because they allow this type of option.

Final Thoughts

The Bullymake Box is created especially for dogs that are so active in chewing. Because of this, it’s guaranteed that all the items in the boxes will benefit your pets—from toys to dog treats. Not only that, you as the pet owner can benefit from it, too, by giving you flexibility in options and more savings.

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