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This simple oil derived from the Cannabis hemp plant has become an evolutionary in the health industry of natural products, aiding the older generation in their frailty, the young generation with growth impairments and thankfully in the pet and canine world.

The deterioration of our pets when they get to a certain age can be heartbreaking, being unable to communicate their pain we need to monitor them and ensure that any indications of discomfort are managed and prevented from becoming something more serious.

So what is CBD oil, how can we get it and is it safe for our pets? The simple answer to those questions is yes, in all aspects. CBD oil definition, the uses of which you can read about in this blog, is an extract of the cannabis plant, a distant relative of the marijuana family.

The oil is concentrated and filtered to the extent that a compound known as THC (a psychoactive agent in weed and a hallucinogenic) is no longer present, in its pure form the oil has many benefits and is becoming increasingly popular in homes across the world.

The product ranges including CBD oil has sky-rocketed, although being sold mainly online there is an increasing number of boutique shops popping up where you can browse the products at your leisure and ask questions from the store owners.

Don’t think shelves lined with colorful lollies and jars with rainbow bonbons filling the walls, simple, chic elegance with health being the priority.

Features of an original CBD product.

When deciding on a product that you’re going to put in your system and that of your pet you are going to want one that is free from chemicals and harsh toxins and, unfortunately, some of the CBD brands being made on the cheap have many added toxic solvents that speed up the extraction and manufacturing processes.

One option to look for on labels and packaging is that of the company using pharmaceutical-grade ethanol to extract and process the oil, besides it being considered one of the most efficient methods it is also the safest concerning human consumption.

It can be daunting in the beginning what with having so many companies offering what they claim to be the ‘top product’ on the market, but click here for more information and a look into the various products and what would best suit your furry family member.

It may be a pain, to begin with reading every bottle or packet, but wouldn’t you rather have peace of mind in knowing that the products you’re consuming, and your pup, are safe? A little time on essential research and homework and your future together will be a long one filled with rolling around and cuddles. Oh, the life.

5 Advantages of adding CBD into your dog’s meal plan.

  • Pain relief. Regulating the system and its functions the inflammation in the body is significantly reduced, thus resulting in less pain which can be a big discomfort when it comes to the onset of arthritis.
  • Epilepsy and seizures. The neuro system and function in the brain is maintained with the addition of CBD oil, the final results have not yet been printed into medical manuals just yet, but from the hundreds of success stories of happy dog owners who claim their pups seizures and fits have either ceased or massively decreased, it won’t be much longer.
  • Less anxiety. CBD boosting the serotonin levels in the body releases a calming effect on the brain, the dog is more relaxed and the days go by stress-free with less and less chewed furniture, hallelujah.
  • Appetite. When dogs, and even us, are on prescribed meds we don’t feel like having a large meal or any during the day, being poorly seems to drain us and leave us lackluster for all foods. With CBD the appetite hormone is shown to increase and soon Mr. will be eating you out of house and home again.
  • Cancer aid. It’s shown the oil prevents the tumor cells from reproducing due to lack of proteins, and in return preventing tumor growth or development. See this article on the care and benefits CBD oil can bring to your pets’ life.

The list is endless of the positives, so don’t hang around waiting for a miracle cure when the thing you could be looking for is standing right in front of you.

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