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The dogs are completely different from the humans in gaining or losing weight. They should not be overweighed nor weak –as either of these conditions can cause health issues. Providing the an appropriate diet suitable to your pets’ needs can work to increase weight in your underweight dogs.

The selected foods will provide right minerals and nutrients that greatly work on your dog to gain weight. There are lots of things included in increasing muscle power of the pets. First you need to know why they require this weight gaining foods.  Dogs like other pets can also be prone to taking on their pet parents illnesses or weight issues (and other afflictions) when they feel close and bonded to you. Think sympathy pains (when you’re sad, their sad or they try to cheer you up).  Transference is not uncommon for people and pets and even between human family members.

How to Know Your Dog is Underweight:

There are several things you can check in dog for the underweight options. This will help you to give right ideas on knowing the underweight dogs. Some of the signs that will tell your dog is underweight are:

  • A dog at its ideal weight will have a fit structure for their breed(s)–an underweight dog is visible with ribs, hips or shoulders protruding. When you find such things in your dog then make sure your dog is underweight.
  • The energy levels of the dogs will also be reduced when they are weaker. You can see the dog lying on ground for time without any active feel.
  • The dog’s face can also lose its shiny luster and you can easily notice that the dog is underweight with their reduced shine.
  • When the dogs don’t like to eat or are showing signs of more pickiness more then they will reduce their weight. The underweight dogs are easily identified and so that you can provide them right food to increase their weight.

Homemade Food for Underweight Dogs:

There are several foods available to feed your underweight foods. This will help your dog to gain muscle power and energy. The Homemade foods can be more ideal for the underweight dogs that they don’t have any chemicals included and side effects–think all human grade quality foods.

  • The dogs may show more interest to eat raw foods or freshly made food. You can provide more quantity of raw foods to the pets as compared to your standard kibble.  You can also increase more quantity food than normal to increase the weight of your dogs. You can also add snacks to the dog in the middle of day to get right power.
  • The homemade food can increase carbs and proteins to your dogs. You should not over feed your dog that will also cause issues with your puppy. The limited quantities of food for the more periods will help your dog to get best benefits in increasing weight. There are lots of special things included in the dog weight gaining.
  • There are some fat content foods available that you can provide your dog to easily gain weight. This is the best choice in getting weight in your dog with special benefits. The recipes of fat content foods are available in the internet with special benefits. You can note them and prepare for your pet. This will help your dog to gain weight easily and make them strong and active. These are the top things included in the increasing weight to your underweight dogs.

Tips to Prepare Homemade Dog Food:

  • The cooked food can be provided to the dogs that you can cook all kinds of food and provide to your pet. You should not give cooked bones to your pet. This will show effect on their digestive system and you should be careful about providing un-cooked food to your pet.
  • You should provide bacteria free food to your pet. The kitchen utensils should be cleaned and the food for your pet should be provided in them. This helps them to not attack by bacteria and they will have better life with your food. You can also use anti-bacterial spray over the food of your pet.
  • The food you provide to the pet should be different from one another. The dog don’t like to eat same food daily. Hence you should change the dog foods daily and that will make them to have large varieties of food which can help them to eat more food. This will give better life to them with stronger power and active health.

Fresh Food Delivered to You

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