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If you are a pet lover, you must be familiar with the feeling of treating your pets alike. Specifically, if you own a dog, you might have the devotion of treating him in the best possible manner.

Though there are several similarities among dogs and humans, there always remains a substantial line that divides us into humans and our pets as animals.


Amidst an increased percentage of several health conditions becoming quite common than ever, there is an urgent need to have a relaxant, which can take away all the worry. While the world is still fighting to survive through deadly complications, CBD has come as a savior.


Several complications have such a high extent of prevalence that they encompass both pets and humans as their target. Therefore, most pet owners are deep striving to answer whether they can use the same CBD for their pets? No answer can ever be specific in this aspect.


I understand your love for your furry fellow, but before you overlook the differences and cause him damage, you must be aware of some important differences. Following are the differences which can help you find an answer if the same CBD can be shared by your pet or not.

Cbd Oil For Dogs Vs Humans 

Is dog CBD oil safe for humans? I know you must be extremely doubtful about using the Same CBD oil for yourself. Hence, the same approach exists for using human cbd for dogs as well.

Though there cannot be a concrete answer to your question, CBD oil for humans’ vs. dogs differs on many levels. I have gathered reliable information which can help you decide better yourself and your little fellow! Have a look through the following contradictions.

CBD Concentration

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and belongs to the family of chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. CBD oil is made by adding extracts of cannabis plants and other natural elements.


Based on this concentration of extracts, CBD products are divide into two categories. 

Full-spectrum is made by cannabis extracts along with some percentage of THC compound. Broad-spectrum is made with the same extracts but is majorly THC-free.


Since THC is the main element that can get humans really high, CBD oil for animals mostly falls under broad-spectrum. THC-free oil serves a better and efficient function for animals. Thus, full-spectrum human CBD oil cannot be used for animals as a greater proportion of THC compound can be highly toxic for animals. Thus, if you are concerned with well-being, rely on broad-spectrum oil for your pets.

Variety of Flavors

CBD oil is known to cure several ailments. Some common concerns include anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, and chronic pain. Apart from humans, even pets are not immune to these general concerns. Thus both of them demand a safety measure as CBD to guard against these concerns.


Even though humans and dogs both demand relief through CBD, but their expectations and interest differ significantly. CBD oil comes with a diversified range of flavors to suit your taste buds. Dogs mostly prefer meaty flavors like bacon, meat, etc. whereas, the same flavor may result in nauseous symptoms for humans.


Humans tend to feel pleased by fruity flavors, including lemon, pineapple, blueberry, etc. Therefore, it has become sufficiently evident that using the same CBD oil for your pet would not serve better advantages. A compulsive association of alternative flavors would only result in negative consequences.

Role of THC Compound:

THC, commonly known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is one of the primary psychoactive compounds. This compound has a significant contribution to the production of CBD products. Whether it be CBD vape or CBD oil, THC plays a very crucial role. 


It works as a propelling factor that induces a feeling of ecstasy and gets people high. Many CBD products usually contain 0.3% or even minor traces of this compound in the product. 


Thus, depending on subjective preference, people choose between broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD oil to control their symptoms. 


However, several pieces of research have proved the presence of THC as highly toxic to animals. If you plan to use the same oil for your pet, you better should not dwell on the risk of losing your furry fellow. 


Even though the oil has to serve the same purpose, know that the Endocannabinoid system of animals functions differently from humans. Thus, the portion of THC required in their dosage differs as well. The utilization of human-grade CBD oil for dogs can be a risky process. It advises using ascribed oil for your pets for a more significant advantage. 

Amount of Dosage 

Another major distinction between usages of CBD lies in varying proportions of dosage for both humans and pets. When it comes to Dogs, the price and portion of dosage both have to decrease to serve the intended purpose.


However, it’s entirely the opposite of humans. Depending on the necessity, the human body demands a higher proportion of CBD to function correctly. Pets usually find 2-3 drops of oil sufficient, which might be relatively less for humans.


Apart from fixed dosage, varying types of brands and products are problematic as well. Each brand and product has a unique description of dosage. Thus, using the same dosage of human CBD oil for dogs can be too threatening. Therefore, if you want to stick to one CBD oil, confirm the dosage for any veteran, so you don’t go astray. 

Legal Permission

The restriction of CBD oil in many states is a major point of concern. In addition to the restrictions imposed, there are several precautions that you need to take seriously. FDA legally doesn’t allow the use of any products intended for one purpose for another.


A similar law applies to the use of CBD oil for dogs and humans as well. Most of the CBD product packaging and labeling has a detailed set of instructions. The packaging highlights the category eligible for its use. Thus, before you believe in the junk of the information telling you it’s safe to use your CBD for your pet, you should think twice. Make sure you read the instructions on the packaging, do your research so you can decide better! 

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