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Sports stars are people just like us, and they share the same feelings and have similar needs as us. This includes the love of man’s best friend, a dog! Despite their busy schedule, they still find the time to take care of at least one pet.

In their off time, they spend as much time as possible with their beloved dogs, and most of them say that owning a dog brought the piece in their dynamic lives.

But what type of dogs do sports athletes own?

Well, in this article, we will highlight some of the biggest celebrities and showcase their pets.

Chip – Serena Williams

Serena is one of the most successful women tennis players in history, and she shares limitless love with her four-year-old Yorkshire Terrier called Chip.  Serena takes Chip everywhere she travels and even to big tennis matches.

Surprisingly, this Yorkshire Terrier remains calm even in a heated match.

Fluffy, Scooby and Fluffy – Tom Brady

As we mentioned before, we often see big celebrities owning multiple dogs, and the same thing is with Tom Brady. The famous quarterback from the NFL betting odds is a big dog-lover, and he is not shy about sharing some of his personal life on social media.

His biggest dog, Lua, is a Pitbull mix often seen in a Patriots jersey supporting him.

Tom’s wife has brought add two new puppies into their family Fluffy and Scooby, and they look adorable.

Rocco – Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson is professional NBA player that is mentioned by BetAmerica as one of the best shooting guards in NBA history. Klay plays an important role in the Golden State Warriors team and he is also a huge dog lover.

As he mentioned a couple of times, his biggest relaxation is hanging out with his best friend, an English bulldog named Rocco.

Klay gave an interesting answer when a reporter asked him about what Rocco thinks about signing with the Warriors. He said that Rocco doesn’t care which team he plays for. He just loves him for what he is.

Bebe, Marty Maverick, and Rosey –David Backes

The center and right Boston Bruins winger David Backes has limitless love for animals in general. He is seen hanging out with his dogs on his days off. He and his wife adopted four dogs, and he loves spending time with them.

He even founded a notable non-profit organization called Athletes for Animals back in 2013.

Naomi and Prince – Russell Wilson

The famous quarterback from Seattle Seahawks is also a big dog lover.

He has not one, but two, Great Danes called Naomi and Prince.

Leo, Lucy, and Bear – Lindsey Vonn

The all-time favorite alpine skier, Lindsey Vonn, has three pups called Bear, Leo, and the newest addition to the family called Lucy. They are her pride and joy, even though they seem to like to be energetic puppies that one time they actually bit her.

Hulk – Messi

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner has one of the biggest dogs you’ve ever seen. He has a Dogue de Bordeaux, also known as Bordeaux Mastiff or French Mastiff. This type of breed is known for its sheer size and strength, which is why he is called Hulk.

Messi shared a video that makes Hulk look silly by making it hard to get the ball from him. It seems like big breeds like Hulk don’t have the agility for football.

Indigo-Sky – LeBron James

When LeBron signed for the Lakers, his family got him a cute French bulldog puppy called Indigo-Sky. Judging from social media, LeBron loves his French bulldog and loves to spend time with his dog.

Indigo-Sky is one of the most popular French bulldogs on social media as LeBron featured him in his latest live video.

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