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Did you know that bulldogs live for 8-10 years? Well, this It is a shorter time compared to the lifespan of other breeds, but your attention should be giving it an easy life as long as you are living with it.

Its health and safety should always be your biggest priority. Common issues such as heat sensitivity, fungus spots, acne, insect bites, vomiting, and inter-digital cysts, among others, should never be ignored.

While raising a bulldog is an easy task, it will always be difficult to some owners, especially if it is their first time. You can also visit Bulldog Pros for more information.

The Need for Patience and Consistency

Just like human beings, bulldogs will seek attention most of the time. That is because they feel attached to you and need to feel a sense of affection.

That means that you ought to deal with them with some level of patience, especially when potty training them. It is not something they can learn within a day or two.

That means that you need to consistently show them what to do without losing your temper or giving up on the same for the length of time they are undergoing training.

To make the process easier, you can offer rewards whenever it does something right. Rewards are a source of motivation for them to keep doing the right things.

However, you must be aware that most of their treats contain food colorings and are harmful to their health. Hence, you should get rewards that keep them motivated yet do not cause direct harm to them.


There is a need to be cautious when dealing with your pet. It can experience anxiety and fear like human beings. Just like human beings, therefore, it will feel uncomfortable when threatened in any way.

Hitting it should never be used as a method of correcting it at any one point, even where it is old enough. The situation can only be worse if you do the hitting or scolding when training it.

It arouses feelings of fear, making it uncomfortable around you, which might also cause it to be unfriendly.

During training, instead of scolding or punishing, it would be better if you take it through the process again patiently then offer a reward after it gets the training right. See this link to read more

Do Not Over Spoil Them

Whenever your pet keeps getting rewards over and over again, especially during training, the urge for more of them gets increased. The desire for more may end up making them greedy.

That is not what you would want to happen, so you need to limit the number of rewards. Rewards should just be given once in a while to keep it motivated.

You love your dog but do not want it to end up greedy and having it demanding greater rewards. Small rewards given after specific periods are enough to keep the dog encouraged and causing it to cooperate continually.

Special Collars and Harnesses

It is always good to have a special collar. Better even you can get a harness instead of using a collar alone. The collar mainly goes around the neck alone, while the harness gives you control over the dog, especially during walks.

It would be best if you never opted for regular collars since bulldogs have a unique body build. Their bodies make them prone to physical harm when the collars tighten around their bodies.

Harnesses are safer because they surround the chest reducing the chances of physical harm. Harnesses should be chosen according to the breed. They should always be thick enough for your pet.

You should also be aware that there will be the need to have new ones as your pet grows in size. Click here to learn more.


For the sake of their health, some foods should never be part of your pet’s diet. Beverages, onions, raw foods, and chocolate should be avoided at all costs. Purchasing the animal is expensive and having it at home is also expensive and requires great commitment, especially because they are more stubborn compared to other breeds. You might not be in a position to know everything about your pet, which is why you should always seek help from experts to make sure you get the right kind of help.

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