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Living in New York City can be expensive, there is no doubt about that. When you arrange to go away for a vacation, road trip or an overnight trip, you will still need to find a place for your pet to stay, but you do not want to break the bank while doing so.  Last minute meals and snacks also can add up in the city which may be a necessity to beat jet lag even if you’re just driving from a location 1 time zone away.

Certain pet hotels can be hard on the wallet, but there are some affordable options that are available in New York City. We have done the research and come up with a list of affordable hotels that still provide quality service to your pet(s).

Camp Canine

New clients of Camp Canine can benefit from the 25% off sign-up bonus, which will help reduce the cost of boarding. Both dogs and cats can stay in the facility, and they have separate areas so they do not interact.

From 6:30 am until 8:30 pm, the dogs stay on a regular schedule. They alternate between playing, napping, eating, and going for a walk. At 8:30 pm, all dogs are safe in their private rooms, and it is time for lights out. 

Cats can enjoy the daily playtime and individualized attention of staff members during their stay. The deluxe cat condos and big windows provide the cats with plenty of activity throughout the day.

Housekeeping services come in several times per day to clean the litter boxes and ensure that the room is clean and comfortable for your cat.   

Paws in Chelsea

If you are looking for one of the many cage-free pet hotels in New York City, Paws in Chelsea may be the place to go. Cats have the option of sleeping in cages if they prefer, but all animals have the choice of where they feel most comfortable.

There are discounts available if you have more than one animal or are boarding them for an extended period. 

Dogs will separate into playgroups according to their size and temperament. If your dog does not get along well with others, you can arrange to have them stay in a separate space. The dogs spend much of their day in the playroom, so they can roam free at will.

The company offers walks at an additional fee, but the dogs spend so much time playing that they may not even need them. 

Dog City

Energetic dogs can benefit from staying at Dog City because they will go out for four walks every day. They will also spend much of their time at a daily playgroup with other dogs or by themselves.

To avoid confusion, staff at Dog City will feed your dog privately, without any other animals around. 

The staff can send the owners daily report cards so that everyone is aware of the dog’s daily activities. Staff can also implement basic training for your dog if you wish them to do so.

If your dog requires medical care while they are at the facility, Dog City has a veterinarian on site. They will be able to immediately help your pet and keep you updated about what is going on. 



For a dog to stay overnight at Dogma’s boarding facility, they need to have visited the daycare for at least three half-day sessions. You can take this opportunity and drop them off for half a day when you are at work or taking a short road trip. By enforcing this, Dogma is ensuring that the dog is at least somewhat familiar with the new surroundings. This can make them feel more at ease during their overnight stay and there is a reduced chance of the dog developing separation anxiety

The sleeping arrangement depends on what the owner prefers. The dog can either sleep in an open environment around other dogs and people, or they can stay in a crate overnight

Staff members will accommodate whichever option is better for your pet. Dogma includes regular walks, feedings, and medicine administration (if necessary) in the cost of your dog’s stay at the facility. 

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