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Who doesn’t love a beach day! Pets can often enjoy these outings just as much as their human parents. Sometimes it is easier to bring the pet out of convenience or guilt of leaving the furry friend behind. Other times, it’s just more enjoyable to have your pet with you. Take the stress out of getting ready for a beach day by using these tips to ensure your pet is prepared for the trip.

1. Water

This might go without saying but staying hydrated is just as important for animals as it is for their owners. On a hot, sunny day, your pet will need lots of water. As you lay somewhere oceanside such as at the relaxing Island Cay at Clearwater Beach, remember to drink plenty of fluids yourself and keep an eye on your pet’s water intake. A collapsible water bowl is an easy accessory that will not take up much space in your bag. Be sure to pack water bottles to refill the bowl throughout the day.

2. Food

If the trip is going to be short, packing a few treats will be sufficient. This allows you to reward your pet for excellent behavior, which can be tricky on crowded beaches with many other people and animals around. It can also help keep your pet from getting too hungry between meals. If you plan to stay out all day, you will want to bring at least one serving of your pet’s food.

3. Waste Bags

Anytime you walk your pet, you probably carry a container of waste bags on your leash. An outing with your pet is no different. Be sure you are prepared for a long day to keep the area you are in pristine by cleaning up after your pet. You would not want to step in a pile of waste while visiting the beach, so be courteous to those visiting the beach and clean up after your pets.


4. Leash


There are many leash options available. You might want to consider a leash that straps around your waist for walks on the beach. If your pet gets distracted by other people or animals, a leash securing anchor may also be beneficial.

5. Shade

Staying out in the bright, hot sun rays all day can be exhausting. Most people opt to bring a beach umbrella, tent or another shade-creating device for themselves. Your pet will most likely enjoy the ability to get out of the sun’s direct heat sometime throughout a beach day. It is a great idea to provide a shady space for your pet to relax. Sunscreens and protective sun shirts are also made for pets.

6. Rinse Off

The sand that clings to everything when you try to leave the beach might be arguably the biggest downside to a day at the beach. Your furry friend might even carry much more sand in them than you’d imagine. Preparing ahead of time can drastically reduce the sand brought back into your car. Public parking at an access lot with a waterspout or shower can be a tremendous help. This will allow you to thoroughly rinse your pet off prior to loading up the car. Some owners opt to bring the appropriate bath soap for the pet to maximize efficiency. Extra towels and seat protectors are also great to have.

Not all beaches allow pets, but if the one you are visiting does, you can prepare ahead of time to make the most of your day trip with your furry loved one. Remember to provide sun protection and plenty of fresh water throughout the day. These tips can help your pet to love beach days as much as you do while making the trip less stressful for you.

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