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Around 98% of people see dogs as family, as found in a recent SpotOn survey. It is logical, therefore, that so many include dogs in key events such as weddings, where dogs make some of the cutest, most photographable subjects. If you are going to tie the knot soon with the love of your life and there is no way you would do so without your pet by your side, you may have wondered how you can do it in a way that is suitable to you and your dog. Read on so as to find a role that will suit your four-pawed friend.

Dogs Have Different ‘Personalities’

Like people, dogs have a set of traits that, together, can form a type of ‘personality’. These are based on their moods, talents, social roles, physical states, cognitive abilities, and more. In one study on over 10,000 dogs, it was found that there are four main traits that are often used to differentiate dogs: calmness, sociability, trainability, and confidence.

Depending on the extent to which your dog displays these traits, you can choose a role for them at your wedding that they will enjoy and take to like a duck to water. If your pooch is calm, for instance, it might enjoy simply being at your outdoor reception, gently walking up from table to table to greet desks. If he is highly trainable, why not give guests a cute ‘show’ featuring your dog’s cutest tricks, or even a choreographed dance? Confident, trainable dogs may also enjoy being the canine ‘ring bearer’ while nearly all dogs will be happy to stay by your side and pose for photos at different stages of your event.

Sustainable Comfort

Your dog should ideally be at your wedding for only a couple of hours, since too much attention and distraction can make them feel tired. Moreover, during the reception, you should mainly be concerned with having a great time and greeting desks, knowing your dog is safe at home or resting under someone’s care.

Sustainability is the buzzword in weddings so if you are celebrating an environmentally friendly wedding, make sure Fido fits your theme. Dress it up in a vintage or pre-loved doggy tuxedo or dress, let it rest on a dog-friendly bed made of sustainable materials like organic cotton canvas and natural rubber, and keep it entertained with natural dog toys made with materials like 100% organic cotton, sustainable lambswool, or recycled cotton T-shirts.

Choosing the Right Venue

If you’re one of many couples who choose to celebrate their big day at home, your dog will be familiar with the space, which means, one less thing for you to worry about. However, if the celebration doesn’t take place at home, ensure the venue you select is safe. Your dog should be confined to a spacious yet defined dog-friendly area so that it cannot unwittingly walk outside the venue. If your reception will be taking place in a park or the outdoor space such as a garden, then bringing in a foldable metal ‘fence’ (which can be shaped into a circle) may be a good idea. Make sure you pick a large enough product so that others can step in and play with your dog so it doesn’t feel lonely. When bringing items of comfort for your dogs, snacks and water, avoid single-use plastics. This will involve planning ahead and bringing items like dog bowls, steel bottles filled with water, and snacks in recycled packaging or glass jars.

If you are like the majority of Americans then chances are, you wouldn’t dream of wedding the love of your life without your dog by your side. To pick the best role for your pooch, think about their personality and choose in accordance. Make sure your dog has fun by accessing sustainable toys and supplies. Finally, choose a safe venue in which your dog can play, rest, and interact with guests.

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