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Dogs are considered to be the sincerest and tamed pets that really love and care for their owners. It is a good idea to have a dog if you are always occupied with tons of work tasks, which is really peculiar to writers. 

The profession of the writer is very creative and needs to have an advanced imagination and enough free time to process all these thoughts and put them into words. The inspiration may come suddenly, as well as disappear unexpectedly. And the dog lives and feels every moment of the owner as well. 

At the moment of inspiration, a dog can become real trouble as it requires care and walking. But when writers are busy with their writing staff, they probably have no time for their pets. On the other hand, at the moment of decline, a dog can become a great support and trust friend. 

In this post, we would like to prove that dogs provide no problems and inconveniences for writers, no matter what way of living they prefer. Dogs will always be next to you, whether you are a successful writer or just a beginner.

Dogs keep people human

No matter what happens in your life, it is important to keep humanity and be a real human under any circumstances. We all go through different periods in our lives, some of them are happy and exciting, while some are really awful and complicated. Dogs help people to overcome all difficulties and still be human and kind to other people. So in this case, dogs do not seem to be trouble for writers but, on the contrary,  a great source of support.

We also provide an interesting idea of putting the stories with the ups and downs of your professional writer’s path into your book. And additionally, tell your readers how your pet actually helped to find new sources of inspiration and was near loving you despite all. 

Emotional support

Dogs are great helpers to avoid burnout, which is a common thing for people from creative professions like writers. Emotional balance is the pivotal component of inspiration for writers that help them cope with their feelings and thoughts. This is another example of how dogs can help resolve problems, not make them for sure. As dogs require constant caring, it is a great way to pause and go for a walk, play with them or discuss all your worries. It might sound funny, but dogs really understand all our feelings and are capable of sharing all events in our lives.  Now, when your dog can’t be left alone, this can become an issue since everyone needs some alone time including the dog.

The value of time

There is a thought that dogs can become a real trouble for the productivity and hard working of writers as well as people of other professions. Some companies even forbid taking dogs or other pets to offices, not to interrupt workers from their daily tasks. This trouble is really fictional. When people bring their dogs to offices or work at home near their pets, they really feel comfortable. Eventually, if the working atmosphere is pleasant and convenient, writers are more likely to be more inspired to write down their thoughts and ideas. Besides, experienced writers can wisely dedicate their time to their work and personal life, including caring for dogs, to have the right balance. 

Make new connections

Unfortunately, not all public places and cafés are pet-friendly. So sometimes dog owners are forced to leave their pets at home while going out somewhere. The dogs feel really lonely and upset, but they can also become angry and ruin the furniture. So, we recommend looking for places where you are allowed to take your best friend with you. It is a great way to meet new people and make connections with them, as you will definitely have common interests. 

Who knows, some of these connections can also be useful for your writing experience. You can use some stories told by your new friends in your books or articles. Storytelling is now the most popular content writing method that guarantees the success of your work. As you see, this fictional problem can easily be resolved.

Dog as the leading character of your novels

As we were researching the connection between dogs and writers, and the pros and cons of having dogs for writers, we have revealed an interesting fact. According to the articles published on the writing service BestWritersOnline, a lot of writers who have dogs tend to make their pets as the main characters of their novels or set of novels. Some of these stories are real, while some are fictional. 

Commonly, dogs are depicted as heroes or people protectors. Such books are not obviously made for kids. The flow of the script entirely depends on your imagination as a writer. Moreover, writing a book is not the border of your work and dreaming. If your book succeeds in being recognized and praised by readers, you get the opportunity to turn your book into a movie plot.

Depression is a Risk

In the moment of being highly inspired, writers commonly spend plenty of hours working on their new materials. They forget to eat, sleep, have a break or rest. Hard-working is valuable, but everything must be done in moderation. Frequent overwork surely leads to burnouts and depression, which is a serious mental disease. When a writer is depressed, he or she is not capable of continuing to work and live life to the fullest. Having a dog helps writers avoid these consequences. 

Dogs require everyday care and attention—feeding, walking, and playing. These components are necessary to provide a good living environment for pets. Dog owners have no choice but to dedicate a certain amount of time to their dogs, no matter how busy they are. It is an excellent way to make frequent pauses and relax after hard work. 

To Sum Up

Taking into account all advantages and imaginary minuses of having a dog for writers, we can surely say they will bring no problems. On the contrary, dogs will disturb their owners from time to time, as they are living things that sincerely love the owners and expect the same in return. More benefits of having a dog for the writers you can also find on custom writing service WritingJudge

If as a writer you are afraid of having no time for work if you have a dog, we have found numerous proofs that this is a wrong opinion. Buying a dog is the only way you can have happiness and love for money. Try to find the right balance between work tasks and your pet, it is much easier than you think.

Aren’t you ready to have a dog yet?

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