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Trips to the Corner Store w/ your pup– no brainer!

By September 10, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

safespot leash

Manhattan just got that much dog friendlier! Say “ha!” to the many stores and restaurants that say “No Pets” and “No Dogs” with this awesome new loophole of a product which can allow you and your NYC dog to go um- everywhere together safely!  

For those of you who know that dog napping is on the rise not only in the NYC area, but also around the country, you should be delighted to know that there is finally a product soon to be released on the market that will help curb this.  In NYC how nice is it to be able to go everywhere on the weekend and or evening with your Manhattan pup knowing that he/she will be safe and sound.  Need a coconut water? Want to grab some groceries?  No problem. With this new contraption, your can have the added security when you do need to drop in and run and errand with poochie safely outside. How does life with Fido get any better than this? I wonder…

Let us at New York Dog Nanny know where you’ve been able to go and how this product has improved your everyday weekend activities by dropping us a line below or sharing on our facebook page:


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