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dog anxiety

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How to Handle Anxious Pets 

Anxiety can be a natural thing for your pet to experience occasionally, especially if they have recently gone through any major changes in their environment. Have you moved to a new home recently? Did you travel somewhere without taking them?…
Cynthia Okimoto
May 17, 2022
Dog AdviceLifeStyle

Can Toys make your Dog Smarter?

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Nina Ottosson. If you don’t recognize her name, Ms. Ottosson is a Swedish-born, pet industry entrepreneur who created interactive puzzle games for dogs and cats. After giving birth to two children within a…
April 7, 2013

A bark bark here and a bark bark there

Here a bark. There a bark. Everywhere at New York Dog Nanny a bark bark. Does your pup elicit barking akin to a baby's crying? Do you find yourself on occasion wondering what is up with my dog finding his…
August 14, 2012
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