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doggie daycare nyc

Pet Truths

No Favorites @ New York Dog Nanny

It's approximately 1 month into the doggie academic school year and you may be wondering what it is that dogs do ALL Day long while at doggie daycare. We are very proud to announce our very new curriculum which serves…
October 6, 2014
Dog AdviceTraining

Play Sessions Now Available 3/18

Play Sessions The importance of Play Sessions: Socialization is so important to your four legged friend and at City Sit Stay, we offer you a number of opportunities for them to release some energy. Our play sessions an excellent outlet…
March 13, 2014
Dog AdviceLifeStyle

New Hours: 7:30am OPEN M-F

Attention all dog daycare clients and prospective dog daycare attendees, we are now open for daycare at 7:30am at New York Dog Nanny Monday through Friday. NYC dogs can now enjoy a whole additional hour of daycare free of charge.…
July 22, 2013

How to Find a Pet Sitter

Use a pet sitter as an alternative to placing your pets in a kennel. Here's how to find the right nanny for your pet. Instructions Things You'll Need Dog Carriers Dog Leashes 1 Ask your veterinarian or pet groomer for…
October 2, 2011
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