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Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog or have been together for a day or ten years, you can always do some unique things to enrich your close relationship. Here are 5 ways to strengthen your relationship with your dog. 

Set a proper routine 

Dogs are creatures of habit, so making routines for various behaviors can assist you in playing a role in their everyday routine. Setting and sticking to regular meal times, bathroom breaks, and other routines can help your dog feel at ease with you and their surroundings, which builds trust. Dogs want to know what is expected of them and deliver on that to make you proud consistently.

Participate in Playtime

Your dog enjoys playing by himself at times, but he also enjoys playing with you. Your dog can feed off your excitement and strengthen his bond with you by actively participating in playtime. According to a study published by Bristol University, regular, active play can also help to reduce problem behaviors.

A Pet with purpose

When you get your dog, ensure he knows he has your full attention. A few careless head rubs are nice, but they will mean less than when you’re genuinely invested in petting your dog. And you should take your time, make an extra effort, and give him your undivided attention. Examine his preferences. Is it scratching his ears? A nick under the chin? Or maybe just an excellent ol’ belly rub? Tell him how much of a good boy he is because he is unquestionably a good boy. However, pet with a purpose will help you to heal. So, spend time with your pet to enrich your relationship with your puppy. 

Make Time for Cuddling

Being active with your dog is beneficial, but it’s also nice to slow down and spend some time relaxing together. Relaxing on the couch, sitting on the bed, or meeting your best friend on the floor for some cuddle time is an exceptional, relaxing way to bond with your dog, as physical contact could indeed create a sense of security and keeps you safe from dog bites.

Allow them some breathing room now and then

Giving your dog a place to be alone can help you build a stronger bond with him. Den animals are dogs. Make a space in another room, such as a crate or a dog bed, where your dog can go if he needs to get away for a while, such as if he is feeling overwhelmed, wants to avoid loud houseguests, or wants to take a quiet nap. Taking the time to consider all the things that can bring you and your dog closer shows him how much you care and how important he is to you and the rest of the family. Want to learn more about how to improve your relationship with your pet? Join the New York Dog Nanny today for training tips and articles that will help you live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

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