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Having a pup in your life carries a lot of joy and responsibilities. Naturally, you want your furry friend to feel happy and safe. However, ensuring that your dog lives their best life can be difficult, especially if you have a busy schedule and can’t always take your beloved pet with you. Additionally, if you live in a small apartment (a very common situation for residents of the Big Apple), making room for your dog can be challenging. However, dogs need adequate space as much as humans do. They have different temperaments, moods, and habits, so they need their own place. Luckily, even with limited square footage, there are many ways to make a special place for your pup! Without further ado, here is how to create a space in your home just for your dog!

Why does your dog need space just for themselves? aka Dog Bedroom

Maybe no other reason is necessary except your wish to show your love and pamper your pup! But, apart from that, there are several other reasons why this arrangement will work well for both of you.

Firstly, dogs are territorial animals. It’s very important for their well-being to have a designated space that they know is theirs. That way, your pup will feel safe and secure. Secondly, different dogs have different needs. Depending on their mood, they need a place to retreat, relax, play, and sleep.

Additionally, don’t neglect your needs and wishes either. You need to go to work and have different social obligations. A special private place will help your dog deal with separation anxiety when you’re away. Or, if you have guests coming, you can easily leave your dog in their space without causing discomfort to either your pet or your quests. Not to mention that, if your pup loves their “room”, you’ll probably have less to clean as they’ll be spending more time in that area!

Have a fresh start

If you’re looking for a new home, it’s a good idea to keep your pet in mind. Look for apartments or houses that have enough room for your pet. When you go home hunting, think about where you could make a perfect space for your furry friend. Ensure the homes you’re considering are pet-friendly and have an abundance of the right amenities nearby. This will help your dog to adapt to a new home and make the task of creating a dog nook a breeze!

Creating a cozy space in your home just for your dog will help them better adjust to the new place.

Don’t forget to plan the relocation once you find the home that suits you and your furry roommate. Dogs are creatures of habit, and moving can cause a lot of stress and anxiety to them. Therefore, finding the right New York movers can be of great help. For example, you can check online databases such as Best Movers NYC to find an experienced local company. Reliable movers will ensure a smooth and hassle-free relocation for you and your pooch.

Where in your home should you create space just for your dog?

Now, this is a question with many answers. What’s best for your dog depends on many factors. Before choosing the right spot, you should consider your dog’s size, preferences, and needs. Although you would probably like your pet to have a lot of space, many dogs feel more secure in smaller spaces.

However, you need to ensure there is enough space for both rest and play. Maybe your furry friend already has their favorite place? If that is the case, try to adapt it into a perfect nook.

Additionally, a lot will depend on the size of your home and your personal circumstances. With all that in mind, we’ve prepared plenty of solutions, so choose the one that suits you best!

Spare room

If you have an unutilized room in your home, you need not look further! This is a perfect solution if you have more than one furry friend. Put in a couple of cozy dog beds and other necessities and unleash your inner interior designer! What’s more, with a whole room at your disposal, there will be enough space for all the pup supplies – from food and toys to leashes and other equipment.

Garage, attic, or basement

Even if you don’t have a whole room, a part of the garage, attic, or basement will do the trick. You don’t have to use all the space – just choose one corner and set it up for your puppy. There will be enough room for your pup to play and run. Of course, ensure the space is both comfortable and functional.

Laundry room

A laundry room affords a lot of possibilities. You can make this room multi-functional by adding a comfy dog bed and a few toys next to your washer. Additionally, you can create a special sleeping space for your pup by removing the doors from ground cabinets and making it cozy for one or more of your dogs!


This is another practical solution. Not only can you use it to create a dog home within your home, but you can also discreetly store all the necessary supplies. Plus, it’s a perfect place to clean your pup’s paws after fun outdoor activities.

Under the stairs

Many people use the space under the stairs to store various items. Instead, you can use it to create a space in your home just for your dog! Even if there isn’t a ton of space there, don’t worry! As we’ve mentioned before, many dogs prefer a smaller area that is snug and secure. If you’re handy with DIY projects, you can even make a dog house under the stairs by yourself!

Pick a corner of any room

On the other hand, if your pup already favors a particular corner in your home, it’s a good idea to adjust it even more and let your dog enjoy it! This will also work well in small spaces. Corners are out of traffic areas and will provide a lovely, cozy retreat for your puppy.

A cute, cozy tent can be a perfect solution for your furry friend.

Ideas for when you’re really short on space

If none of the above seems feasible, don’t worry! After all, the key is to have a comfortable place that your dog will recognize as their territory and enjoy. There are some more space-friendly options to achieve this:

  • A nice, cozy dog bed with a few favorite toys next to it may be all your dog needs;
  • Children’s play tents can turn into perfectly comfy dog nooks;
  • An unused closet – remove the door and furnish the inside space with a dog bed, hooks for leashes and collars, and a cabinet for storing food and other supplies;
  • Your pup’s crate – your dog is already familiar with it and accustomed to it, so why not turn it into a cozy retreat?

Have fun with decorating the space in your home just for your dog

Once you find the right place, it’s time to decorate it and make it both beautiful and functional. Possibilities are endless! What you’ll do essentially depends on your taste and preferences. Of course, choose a color scheme, style, and materials that will match the rest of the room and your home. Consider some essential items first:

  • Dog bed – it needs to be the right size for the ultimate comfort;
  • Toys – at least a few toys should be next to the bed (especially the favorites!)
  • Food and water bowl.

Whichever solution you choose, ensure your pup has all the essentials.

After that, all the rest is a matter of how much space you have and what you prefer. Here are some of the ideas (and tips) you might like:

  • A toy box – keeping all the toys in the same place is an excellent option; however, ensure your pup can easily reach them – either a low box or a soft one are a good idea.
  • Bins, baskets, and jars – store the extra toys, food, treats, etc., in suitable stylish containers. But be sure to put food and medicines out of your dog’s reach!
  • Hooks and cabinets – if you have some vertical space to work with, install these to help you store various items – from leashes to treats.
  • Choose the flooring that is easy to clean and replace if necessary – even the best of boys and girls can make a mess from time to time.
  • Get a slide or ball station – your pup will be happily occupied for hours.
  • Hang pictures and other decorations to make the space stylish.
  • Use a dog ramp or stairs to help your senior pooch.

Final thoughts

As you may see, there are many excellent ways to create a space in your home just for your dog! Before you choose a spot, take all the relevant factors into account. Ensure your pup has everything to be happy and comfortable. Follow these tips, and you’ll create a cozy and neat space in no time!

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