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How to get your dog used to Leash & Collar

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With over 12 years of dog training experience Tony Collazo and Cherie Marquez owners of Dog Training-Miami have had the ability to train all sorts of different breeds of dogs, Tony Collazo started training dogs and learned through South Eastern Guide Dogs. Due to their experience as school teachers they have been able to bring forth a curriculum that involves learning without the use of treats and or any special tools.

When you first get a new puppy, you can not expect the dog to be used to walking on a leash or even having a collar on. It should be done in a step by step process. If you force the dog to try and walk then they will fear the collar and that can cause problems for the future.

First thing you need to do is put the collar on the dog. Even if they are scratching at their neck, it is totally normal because they are not used to having something around their neck. Once they are used to the collar then you can get them used to the leash.

Do not put the leash on the dog and always expect the dog to be excited to walk with you. Most puppies will just lay down and refuse to walk. The best thing to do is to put the leash on the dog inside the house and let the dog walk around with it while you are home, so they get used to having the leash dragging behind them. After about 2 days, then you can try taking the dog for a walk.

Once you try taking the dog for a walk, grab a squeaky toy to get the dog excited. Start walking with the dog on the leash while squeaking the toy and telling the dog to come. As soon as the dog starts walking with you, give the dog plenty of praise, “good girl or boy come on.” Do it for a short amount of time the first time and progressively get longer each additional time. Once your dog starts walking you will be able to enjoy a long walk with your dog. Just Be Patient!!!!

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