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Dog Tricks – Cool Dog Tricks To Teach Your Dog

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Welcome To The Dog Tricks Zone – This IsThe Most Fun You Will Ever Have With Your Dog!

Teaching dog tricks is one of the greatest joys of having a canine companion in your life. Dog trick training is the best way I found to truly interact with my dogs and it is a sure fire way to forge a strong bond together. Teaching and performing dog tricks helps to build happy, confident dogs and is a great outlet for all of their energy.

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dog training tricks
Dog Tricks – Give It A Go!

Why Bother Teaching Dog Tricks?

My main motivation or reason for teaching dog tricks is to have fun – that’s it!

Dog trick training is not as serious as say dog obedience training but it does provide many of the same benefits – to you and your dog:

  • In the process of learning new tricks you open up a genuine form of two way communication between you and your dog – as a result you’ll find you are more in-tune with each other.
  • Trick training helps to build confident dogs who are not afraid to experiment in the training process – which is important.
  • Dog tricks are great if you or your dog are partial to showing off!
  • Dog trick training is great for calming overly energetic dogs. Your dog’s energy must come out in one way or another so why not channel it into something constructive and fun like trick training?
  • Dog tricks can be called on as an “alternate behavior” when your dog is doing something undesirable. For example, if your dog is barking at the door or jumping up on guests you could call on your “play dead” trick to redirect his/her behavior.
  • People who are nervous around dogs are often put at ease by a dog performing a cool trick like a “take-a-bow” or “roll-over” – your dog suddenly appears less threatening to them.

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