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East Village Fave Brunch Spot- Dog Friendly

By October 13, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

Whether you live in the east village or just love to walk around there with your NYC dog, we’ve scoped out many awesome blossom places you might enjoy before the winter sets in- here’s our BRUNCH recommendation for you and Fido.  Oh and our guess? The name of restaurant was clearly named by a lap dog- hello! Oh and if you eat or drink too much at lunch, Thompson Square Park is just around the corner, maybe you and Fido can do a couple laps around the park. If you’re into hide n seek…that’s what the dog park is for!  Keep Fido guessing where you are and let her do the laps around the dog park-not you!

cafe pick me up new york dog annyBrunch with the pals (yes the four legged ones too). Would you like to enjoy ONE LAST outdoor meal with fido in her birthday suit ? You are definitely going to want to snag a spot at Cafe Pick Me up.  With over 100 yelp reviews, this brunch spot is a great place to bond with poochie and catch some rays pronto.  


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