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Dogs are considered man’s best friends and there’s no family dog more iconic than the Labrador Retriever. Labs are lovely creatures; the more love you will give them, they will return it multiplied. Labradors are especially a gentle breed. They are pretty sweet and full of energy. Many parents want a canine companion for their kids and love having a dog at home. However, proper supervision and training are mandatory to domesticate these animals in an appropriate manner.

Labradors are considered as one of the best dog breeds for children. These dogs are generally cheerful, energetic, and have a calm temper. They can be highly active, bounce-like, and demand a great deal of training, which all owners must do. Having a dog is a fantastic experience for children since it may provide them a feeling of happiness and responsibility. 

Why are Labs a Perfect Choice for Children?

One of the major reasons a Labrador is a perfect animal for children is because they are highly active and eager to play. A Labrador is always ready for anything compared to other kinds of dogs. Many younger children might enjoy fetching with a ball or Frisbee or just running in the garden.

Labradors are also highly sociable animals, making them perfect for families with children. While other dog breeds are unlikely because of their unpredictability and lack of regard for their own environment, the Labrador seems to welcome this attention.

How to Train your Labrador

Training a dog is the most important part if you are taking them as a pet. It is better to train your Lab when it is a puppy because they will become better at what they are supposed to do by the time they grew up. You can teach them basic commands like sit, stay, and handshake, etc. Organize an Essay writing competition and give the same task to all participants. They ask them to write an essay on “how to train dogs” to check how the people teach their dogs as the competition core purpose was to collect data for research.

Socialize your Lab with Kids

Just as with people, the habits of a dog are best developed over the first few years. Between 8 to 16 weeks old, pups undergo a phase of growth essential to shaping their development. As a pet’s parent, you have a responsibility, especially for family members, to ensure your pup meets as many varying circumstances and people as possible during that time. It gives your dog a healthy dosage of trust.

Use Praised Remarks

Positive bonding is one of the finest methods for your dog to be more comfortable with children. Encourage your pet’s behavior with care, love, and treats. If you do that often, your dog begins to associate your child with pleasantly. After that, they automatically learn to behave nicely towards youngsters.

Take Your Lab to Park

It is the best technique to take your dog out for a walk with your kids. Please keep it on a leash and let them observe children playing from a distance. After some time, they can respond well to the situation. Remember, if your dog isn’t acclimated to youngsters, then it can behave badly. So, treat them carefully.

Respect the Feelings of Your Lab

Your dog may be frightened of children; don’t pressure your pet to play with your child. Let them approach each other naturally. If you push the dog to engage with the child, your dog might develop hate against your child. However, as the sweet creatures they are, it will take them just a little time to socialize.

Create Some Rules

Ensure that you set and abide by certain home rules. Do not allow your pet to eat from the plate of your child (or vice-versa). Keep the dog’s toys away from the children. The same safety requirements do not apply to animal toys and may be dangerous for young people. Whatever rules of the home you set, make sure you remain disciplined and leave no exceptions.

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