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Bowser and Meeps

Bowser and Meeps cuddle up.

As someone who works with thousands of pets each year and with a background in animal communication, I have the honor of working with many different personality types.  What I see time and time again are owners who have very sweet and amazing animal companions. One of the biggest misconception comes from thinking that certain behaviors like jumping on people is their pet being “Friendly”.  Another common myth is that a dog putting it’s paw’s on your lap is a sign of your dog being friendly, Yes, that is also dominance. The human being put in the submissive pose most of the time unknowingly. With good training, these behaviors that are appropriate and aligned good manners become the predominant way the dog can be- a good listen, attentive to the owner at all times, happy and relaxed. And other course all the unique personality traits that come from being trained correctly. It all starts with proper training and cuddling!


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