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Dogs have very complex digestive systems and cannot process some substances in certain foods.Vets have made several recommendations for foods to avoid that dogs are intolerant to and cannot digest.These foods can be life-threatening to the dogs if they consume them, even in the tiniest amount. Below we have listed the top 5 food items which must be kept away from your dogs at all times in order to keep your dog healthy.

Chocolates: It was just Valentine’s day so this is one to keep an eye on! Chocolate (especially dark chocolate) is extremely toxic to dogs and is an item that must be kept far away from your dog. Chocolate contains a substance called methylxanthines which can cause panting, diarrhea, vomiting and irregular heartbeat in dogs. It has been proven to cause seizures and even death, once consumed by dogs.This is exactly the reason that veterinarians strictly suggest that you should keep chocolate away from dogs at all times. Dark chocolate has a higher level of the toxic substance than other types. Any item that contains dark chocolate must not be allowed near the dog.

Avocados: Preparing an avocado sandwich, guac or just getting in some vegan protein? Are you composting items or throwing them away in a place your curious dog can easily get into? Avocado skin, pits, and even their leaves carry a particular substance called Persin, which is not so friendly to dogs. Persin turns into a toxin once it enters the dog’s digestive system, which is why the poor pup cannot process it. If any dog accidentally consumes avocados, then the Persin enters their body and causes severe diarrhea and vomiting.

Sugar-Free items: If you love to chew sugar-free gums or have a lot of such candy around the house, then make sure to lock them up in a cabinet far away from your dog’s reach.

Sugar-free gum and sugar-free candies contain a particular chemical known by the name of Xylitol. Xylitol is a synthetic sweetener that is usually present in any kind of sugar-free candies. However, dogs are highly intolerant to it. This substance can be toxic for the dog and can cause severe damage or deadly conditions for the dog. With the ever changing ingredients in items, always check the label- what was good safe for one day, may have a new ingredient or a changed ingredient the next!

Onions: Whether it is fried, raw or cooked, onion is a deadly food for dogs in any manner. Onions contain thiosulphate, which can be very harmful to the dog’s digestion process. Consuming onions damages the blood cells and can further cause severe digestive issues.  Even it is not easily detectable the food your ordered could have onion pureed or blended in (think speghetii sauces or soups).

Fried foods: Dogs have a very delicate digestive system which makes them even more sensitive to fried and oily foods than humans.

If consumed, fried foods can give your dog severe digestive issues, cause diarrhea, vomiting and an upset stomach. Hence, try to keep your dogs away from fried foods at all times. So, keep your pup away from fries, onion rings and any other foods prepped in this manner!


Keeping your dog safe and healthy is completely your responsibility. The above food items can cause long-term damage to the dog and even cause death in some cases.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid these foods if you want to keep your dog healthy and happy while avoiding unnecessary trips to the vet.

Be sure when you have a new guest to your home that they do have snacks or leftovers they are going to leave in a place that your dog can easily reach. Some dogs can easily climb onto the counter (especially with lots of time on their hands) and also are nosy and can play detective going through purses/handbags and packed lunches left on the couch or floor.

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Jeremy grew up in in a house full of dogs, a cat and even rabbits. He recently decided to share his advice and opinions on his very own pet blog

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