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How to Make Traveling with Your Dog a Breeze

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Traveling, whether on vacation or for work, can be a wonderful adventure to share with your dog. However, being unprepared can make your trip stressful. Here are some things to consider before you take your pup with you on your next outing.

Get a Checkup

At the least, we should take our dogs to get vet checkups once a year. Yet, even if it isn’t quite time for a visit, it’s wise to go before heading on a getaway with your pet. Whether or not you plan on air travel, your pup will need to get up to date on vaccinations, if only because the area you’re visiting may have higher rates of certain diseases. Talk to your vet about what precautions need to be taken to ensure you and Spot have fun during your trip.

Research Your Destination

If you’re traveling for work, you may not have much say in where you go, but you should still research to ensure it’s safe for your pup. For instance, pit bulls and their mixes are outlawed in many cities across Colorado, and the punishment is termination. If you have doubts, it’s best to leave your furball at home with a pet sitter or in a kennel. Of course, if you can choose your destination, ensure a city is pet-friendly. As an example, if you want to visit California, Hollywood is a good option, and if Texas is your aim, then Dallas is the place to be. Look for cities that have pooch-friendly cafes, restaurants, and dog parks so your pup will feel as welcome as you.

Review Potential Accommodations

One of the harder aspects of traveling with your furball will be finding a hotel or a rental property that allows pets. Luckily, the American Kennel Club has a list of pup-friendly accommodations, which, they say, is about half of all hotels in general. Other rental services, like Airbnb, offer pet accommodation on an individual basis, but owners may have their own pets, so consider whether your dog would like a friend. You also need to know what will be available to need your pet’s needs, such as food and water bowls (it might be best to get travel bowls). Having basics available will free up luggage space for more treats and toys for Spot.

Know the Best Parks

No matter where you are, your dog will need regular exercise, and dog parks are a great way to get them running around and having fun. You need to be prepared, however, for a new environment, and make sure that Spot would enjoy new friends. Being on top of your dog’s vaccinations will be especially important, as will having up-to-date ID tags. Never let your pup out of your sight, even to answer a phone call or read a book. Anything can happen at any time, so be alert, and have waste bags to pick up after your pooch.

Be Good Neighbors

Rental living, whether in a vacation home or a hotel, is close quarters. You want to be the best neighbor possible, and that includes Spot. If you haven’t already, train your pup to not bark unnecessarily, as this can become a nuisance. Don’t stay still, either, as exercise can encourage good behavior through sheer exhaustion. Enforce boundaries with your pet, and be sure to introduce both yourself and your buddy to people you’ll see regularly.

There is always the option to leave our furry friends at a kennel, but they miss us just as much as we miss them. Sometimes, it’s fun to give our pets new experiences, so long as they have the temperament for it. By researching an area, getting your pet vetted, and reinforcing training to make sure they behave well, you both can have an enjoyable time.

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