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Meta Description: Here’s a guide about how to keep your pets safe during the Coronavirus pandemic. We talk about what to do to care for pets during the outbreak, from hygiene to entertainment issues.


A common worry among pet lovers worldwide, in this current pandemic, is how to keep their beloved animals safe. There has been much debate about whether pets can catch or at least carry the COVID-19 virus. And while we’re not here to verify or dispel any of these claims, we will point out some methods of keeping your pets safe during the pandemic.


Since the CDC has found no evidence that animals can carry or even be able to get the Coronavirus, the first thing we’d like to remind you is: do not panic. Don’t make rash decisions and don’t abandon your pets in these hard times, for some baseless fear that they might be carriers.


Just follow some basic safety precautions, and you should both be alright:


Wash Your Hands


As if there weren’t enough people saying this, right? But seriously, washing your hands is one of the smartest things you can do during the COVID-19 pandemic. Why? Because soap and water are a simple and effective method of killing germs and bacteria. Make sure to wash your hands before and after handling your pet’s food, litter (if applicable), or cage.


Also, we’d recommend washing your hands after petting your animals. We know how amazing (and how healing!) time with your pets can be, but please do your best to stay safe during this crisis.


Don’t Forget Their Emotional and Mental Well-Being


Everyone’s talking about how to entertain your kids or even yourself while you’re stuck at home. But what about your animals? Don’t they deserve entertainment, too? If you’re a dog owner, chances are you’ve cut your walks short of respecting lockdown and social distancing laws. Your pet feels that and misses long walks and time spent jostling around in the grass.


So you need to find other ways to keep him entertained indoors. Make up games. You can invent a game of ‘find the treats’ or a prey treasure hunt and hide little dog snacks all around the house.

Alternatively, you can try a ‘tug of war’ match with an old washcloth you’re no longer using.


And then, there’s the ever-affable game of fetch that you can indulge in with pretty much anything. 


If you’re more of a cat person, the cute idea is to play a game of cups with them. You know, the old ‘hide a treat under a cup and then move the cups around’ routine. It will keep both you and your cat entertained while you’re staying safe at home. These should keep your pet happy while you’re stuck in quarantine. 


Our suggestion: Next time you’re at a store that sells pet toys, maybe consider stocking up on those. We hope to be out of here shortly, but just in case you’ve got to keep your dog entertained for longer.


Don’t Forget The Food


Just as you wouldn’t forget to buy food for your family, make sure you have plenty of food and delicious snacks for your pet as well. Once again, we don’t know what the future holds, so it’s best to have a plan of care for your pet, in case things take a turn for the worst.


Keep a Healthy Pet Plan for Emergencies (Ask a Friend)


Unfortunately, you never know who’s at risk and who might be carrying. So our suggestion would be to appoint a friend or neighbor to care for your pet, in case you’re suddenly unable to. Make sure you write stuff down for them, too. Things like what’s your dog’s favorite snack and which alley they prefer going down on during walks can come in handy in an emergency.


Ask People to Stay Away


If you’re in the habit of letting your dog or cat roam around in the yard, put a sign up. Verbally ask your neighbors and visitors not to pet or feed your pets, for obvious safety reasons. Also, only let your pet out into the yard if there is a safety fence between them and the people on the street. 


Don’t Forget Disinfectant


It’s important to keep your house clean through this. However, this is usually easier said than done when you have pets. Make sure that when you do your shopping, you get a pet-safe disinfectant. Some chemicals in common disinfectants are toxic to animals.


Bottom Line


The best thing you can do nowadays, both for your car and for yourself, is to keep yourself informed and safe, but without panicking. Bear in mind that if you respect the emergency rules and if you try to stick to the guidelines above, there is no reason why you or your pet should be in any danger.


Take care out there, and please stay safe, friends. Also, what do you do to keep your pets at home safe during the outbreak? We’d love to hear from you, so please let us know in a comment below.


Author Bio: Thomas Quarry works as a data scientist, and since his job doesn’t take him outside too often, he started treasure hunting as a hobby. After discovering the amazing community of treasure hunters and how exciting looking for hidden treasures is, he decided to write about it and share the good news. In his spare time, Thomas enjoys playing with his dog and feeding the neighborhood’s strays. 


Thomas Quarry is a blogger and content creator, who spends most of his time contributing ideas and posts for a variety of blogs. In her spare time, Alice enjoys playing with her cat and feeding the neighborhood’s strays. 

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