Rearing a well-adjusted pup no matter the age

Pup rearing can be simple – when you learn to communicate with your pup in their language- you will have a well adjusted, happy dog.  A dog that listens, walks nicely outside, behaves well with pups and people is simply the result of a relationship build on mutual trust and respect.

We also curate pup-hacks, tips and our personal take based on 10 years of hands on experience with pup parents just like you across the nation.

What enhances that sacred bond between you and your pup? Environment, Nutrition, Emotions, Mental and Spiritual all influence your desired behavioral outcomes for your dog- regardless of age.

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  1. Holistic pet expertise and services

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Holistic pet care, dog reiki, pet reiki, golden frequency animal healing, animal communication, pet psychic, pet communication, pet behavior consultant, dog healer, pet healer, holistic dog training, dog behaviorist.

Locations Serviced:

NYC: Greater Manhattan, Lower Manhattan, Rose Hill, West Village, Murray Hill, Alphabet City, Stuyvesant Town, Mid Town, Tudor City, Murray Hill, Kips Bay, Flatiron, East Village, Gramercy, Astoria.

Los Angeles/Orange County.

Washington State: Seattle, Kent, Auburn, Bellevue.

Why our clients love us

and why they keep coming back

Dr. Dave R.- Seattle, Jan 2020Riley is walking beautifully with no pulling. I have had more guests over lately and they have been much better behaved when the guests enter the house.

I've been using NYDN boarding for all of my trips now because I know that my dog will be well cared for. I highly recommend them for their great service.

Danny T.

The daycare has been been great for my dog's development. He gets very excited when we arrive there and is quite happy to play and run around with the other dogs. A tired dog in the evening is a good reward.

David G.

The staff were super nice and they were able to answer all of my thousand and one questions.

The place is every dogs dream - small and cozy but big enough to roam free.

Elizabeth A.

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