Dogs are our passion

love your dog and live your life

New York Dog Nanny prides itself on responsiveness to client needs and holds customer service standards in the highest esteem. We are committed to making you the client happy by providing top of the line care and services to your dog.  We are a firm believer in supporting other small businesses as we are 100% woman-owned and operated.

Community Giving and Support

At New York Dog Nanny we understand that we are a valuable member to a larger community beyond dogs and our local neighborhood of Murray Hill. We understand that giving and helping raise funds for non-profits is essential to provide necessary causes as well as hosting cage-free dog adoption events, curating online community groups to socialize your pet owners outside the dog park in NYC and free healing service for pets. For this reason we donate services to organizations that have an impact on their local and national communities.

Charitable Donations and Fundraisers in NYC

If you have a fundraiser for charity, non-profit and are seeking silent auction items/services, please contact

Bloomingdale’s JDRF Fundraiser

Paw Prints and IFC Center Charity event

Sean Casey’s Animal Rescue “Night at the Races”

The 5th Annual Johnny Mac Tennis Project

7th Annual Women of Influence Awards Luncheon

6th Annual Gala Benefit Dinner

Brooke Jackman Foundation Benefit Auction

Lend a Paw

Second Chance

Internships and volunteering

At New York Dog Nanny we also believe in training and providing opportunities to individuals who are seeking to enhance the life of pets in NYC through internships and volunteering. We give active training in partnership with local community based organizations as well as local schools.

Summer Youth Program
Institute for Career Development
Harvest Collegiate

If you are working with an underserved population or are interested in career development for your organization, school or charity please contact info@newyorkdognanny to explore partnership opportunities.

Animal Behavior College Partnership

New York Dog Nanny has partnered with Animal Behavior College to give back to people looking to start their career in grooming.

Our Story

New York Dog Nanny was founded by Cynthia Okimoto in 2010. While at work Cynthia was constantly concerned about the welfare of her dog at home. As a long time dog lover and busy professional in New York, she wanted to ensure a her dog was properly looked after, exercised, and entertained without feeling guilty. She didn’t want to leave her dog locked up all day with no social interaction, nor did she want her dog waiting by the doggy daycare window for her either. She also felt reluctant to the idea of rushing to a doggy daycare to get the dog in time, and thus the idea of starting an full-fledged nanny service for small breed dogs was born.

About the founder

Cynthia Okimoto, is the founder and primary caregiver of New York Dog Nanny. She is devoted to the person-dog bond and was inspired to start a home-based daycare for dogs as the perfect dog home-away-from-home for individuals who are concerned about the care of their favorite pets. She is currently a member of Pet Sitters Associates, Long Island Pet Professionals and the National Association of Professional Women. She holds a Masters Degree in I/O Psychology from Baruch College and a BA in Psychology from Occidental College. She has a background in Animal Communication and Holistic Pet Care which she has actively been practicing since 2006. Cynthia grew up in Seattle, Washington, where she has been a pet-owner since age three and has experience fostering and socializing small breed rescues.