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What happy clients have to say about dog training

“I am very very happy we found New York Dog Nanny”

Dog trainer left me saying “how did you do that?” Our main problem was Zoro our 2 year old Pom’s barking from separation anxiety, but we also wanted to improve his poor walking skills and his interactions with other dogs. I am very very happy we found New York Dog Nanny because my days are less stressful knowing my baby Zoro is doing better in NYC!

– Julie D.

“We feel feel extremely comfortable and confident in their work”

We were lucky enough to meet the dog trainer and see the immediate connection she had with our dog, Taz. We bought 3 sessions and saw such an amazing improvement within days. She clearly has a gift with dogs and it was remarkable to watch her work with Taz on basic commands and even tricks! She really encompasses the “calm-assertive energy” that is so important in a dog trainer. We would recommend New York Dog Nanny to anyone and feel extremely comfortable and confident in their work.

– Sara, Jeff & Taz

“After the training session we’ve seen many positive results in our dog Max”

We’ve already seen so many positive results in our dog Max. We didn’t realize what we were doing was undermining getting Max do basic commands which he barely knew. We found that our dog was more affectionate with us, listened to us more, and has more curiosity to meet other dogs at the dog run (as opposed to hiding behind us or just standing there). After leash training, Max would actually heal and not pull us frantically down the street.

– Julius B.

“After the training Oliver has become a different dog”

We believe the dog trainer is the “Dog Whisperer of NYC.” He has been able to turn our very feisty, excitable dog Oliver into a more calm and obedient puppy. Before training, Oliver was really difficult: he barked at strangers, pulled on his leash during walks, humped other dogs in the dog park, etc. Oliver has become a different dog: he doesn’t pull, comes when we call him at the dog park, does not beg, sits at intersections and more.

– Taylor R.

“My one regret is that I should have done dog training years ago.”

I always thought I should get my dog trained (there were barking and walking issues galore) but the price concerned me. What if I tried it and it was a money-waster? I took my doggie darling to a cookout this past weekend where she patiently sat where everyone ate burgers and hot dogs around her. She wasn’t barking crazily thinking she should be eating too. Trust me, this is huge. My one regret is that I should have done this years ago.

– Andrea L.

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