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Spring is in the air and for many of us, that means giving our homes a good clean to welcome the warmer months with a fresh start. When you have a dog to look after, spring cleaning can be a little more challenging; that’s why we’ve put together some essential tips for getting your home ready for spring!

Get Organized

Over the winter months, it’s likely your dog has spent more time indoors with you and out of the cold. Start the warmer months by organizing and preparing things for the warmer weather.

Check collars, tags and leashes: Metal tags get scratched and worn – make sure your dog’s identification tag is easily readable and replace it if your number isn’t clear. Collars and leads should be checked for wear and tear. If your dog loves to swim, consider replacing their collar with an all-weather product that will help prevent infection around their neck.

Sort out toys: Toys get more use in winter months and should be sorted through to get rid of any that have seen better days. Put the dogs out in the yard if you can as you go through their toy box. Discard any that are worn out, donate those that aren’t played with and clean all that you intend to keep. If you have a dishwasher, you can use it to clean plastic toys. Otherwise, washing in a sink full of warm soapy water is usually fine.

Check the First Aid kit: Now that trips to the park and games of fetch are on the cards again, it is a good idea to make sure your stocks of dog first aid products are replenished. Antibacterial creams, antiseptic wipes, sterile gauze pads and bandages are a must.

Restock the pet cupboard: Spring is a great time to check use by dates on dog treats, medications, flea and tick treatments, and supplies of shampoo and conditioner. Dog brushes should also be checked and replaced if they’re looking worn; nail trimmer blades should also be replaced.

Deep Cleaning

Now that you have things organized, it’s time to get down to cleaning!

Sleeping areas:If you enjoy the benefits of sleeping with your dog, you’ll need to flip your mattress and give it a good clean with a vacuum, sucking up any dirt and hair that’s worked its way through the sheets. Use a non-scented detergent and softener on bed linen as scented detergents can irritate your dog’s skin.

Along with your own bed, day beds and cushions will need a thorough clean. Mot can be run through the washing machine using a pet safe detergent, just follow the care instructions on labels for wash temperatures.

Living areas: Couches and carpets are a little more difficult to get clean, given that you can’t just throw them in the wash! Use a stain and odor remover for couches and carpets and a vacuum cleaner that’s up to the task of removing pet hair from carpets and every nook and cranny of your sofa and dog’s beds. Dyson’s Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner has some great reviews. It comes with a number of pet friendly attachments and powerful vacuum suction to remove pet hair from any surface.

Inside cleaning, outside protection: Ridding your home of dog hair and dirt tracked in on paws is a big task. Consider using outdoor shields to keep your home clean after you’ve done all that hard work and keep pets away from no-go areas in your yard.

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