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4 Best Dog Carriers

By April 16, 2011March 26th, 2015No Comments


For traveling on a plane with your dog, there are two styles of dog carriers: carry-on and cargo. The carry-on carriers are the purses or small duffle bag style for toy breeds or very small dogs. These are typically soft-sided and do not provide as much stability as a hard-shell plastic style. The cargo type dog carriers are stronger and hold up to more handling and possible tossing around by careless baggage handlers. Never ship a dog on a plane in a soft-sided collapsible style crate or a wire crate. The airlines only accept a closed, hard plastic crate with a wire door. The best dog carriers are made of sturdy plastic and will not break or pop open if dropped on the floor. If you have a smaller dog and us a carry-on container, there are a few that pass the durability test.

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Why it’s best: The Petmate Sky Kennel is an airline approved dog kennel that comes in six sizes to accommodate dogs from 13 inches to 33 inches tall. There is a size to fit every dog’s needs. The hard plastic shell together with the wire door and vents make this the most secure place f…Read Full Review

Why it’s a best pick: The Vari-Kennels Ultra is made of high-impact plastic and comes in medium, intermediate, large and extra large. The door of this brand of kennel is wire with a dual pinch opening. There are also vented air slots in the back made of wire. This company believes traveling dogs … Read Full Review

Why it’s a best pick: The Remington Pet Carrier is another brand of kennel that receives high marks for being nearly unbreakable. This is because it is made of a durable plastic that is approved by the airlines for cargo travel with a dog. It comes with two unbreakable food and water dishes that … Read Full Review

Why it’s a best pick: The Arco Aero is a dog carrier for in-cabin traveling with your dog. These are TSA approved bags in addition to airline approved. These are more the purse style carriers with one long thick strap or two thinner, shoulder straps for carrying a smaller dog. They come in a vari… Read Full Review


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