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Dog Remote Control

By May 4, 2011March 26th, 2015No Comments

Control A Dog Remote

control_a_dog_remoteDog not behaving? Don’t have enough time or are too lazy for proper care and guidance? Here’s the product for you! With the Control A Dog Remote, there is no need for tedious training sessions! Just point the remote control at your dog, and hooray! Instant loving, loyal obedience! Just bypass all that bonding; now you can have your dog do exactly what you want him to do at exactly the moment you want him to do it.

Features include commands like “sit,” “stay,” “leave;” tail wagging frequency and speed; bark, mute, and pause.

It’s like Caesar Millan in a box!


Perpetual Kid

This post was taken from and reposted by New York Dog Nanny.


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