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Odor Eating Soy Candles

By March 10, 2011March 26th, 2015No Comments

Bow wow! Meow… Chirp chirp, glub glub glub.

Are you a pet lover? Do you have your favorite breed that you’re loyal to? OR, do you have a friend whose nuts about his Pug, her Lab, his blue bird, or her clown fish? Now you can offer a natural soy candle featuring over 70 different breeds of pets! Makes the ultimate gift for the pet lover who adores his or her breed! We offer 8oz and 16oz travel tins featuring gorgeous pictures of the top breeds! Best of all these odor eating soy candles eliminate the unwanted scent of pee accidents naturally!

Soy candles feature all natural soybean wax scented in all of our fragrances. Great alternative to paraffin wax while promoting your best pet friend! Great for pet birthdays!

To order soy candles go to online or in Astoria to Olympia Chemist at 23-18 31st st just off the Astoria Blvd Stop on the N/Q.


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