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One of the most risky tasks for a dog parent is getting and keeping your dog still for grooming at home. If it’s gotten past the point you can reasonable handle on your own and sedation is required, tt is advised to do this under the supervision and advice of your dog’s veterinarian. Here is an exhaustive list of activities and methods you can try before it gets to that.  The best way wear your down out (so they have less energy to fight you in the bath tub/grooming area) is by taking your dog on a long walk or playing frisbee or an active game with them. This activity will burn their energy and then they will have to relax for a while. That’s one of the easiest ways to physically have your dog spend their energy before grooming time.  Here in this article, we’ve mentioned some tips and tricks on how to bring your dog from anxious and hyper to the calmest they can be naturally.

Engage Your Dog Mentally Beforehand

Let your dog do a puzzle or learn a new trick before hand. Spending mental energy is a sure-fire way to address their minds energy which will contribute to them having less energy to spend battling you in the tub.  A mentally tired pup can be an easier one to bathe.

Take them For a Long Walk

…And let them sniff! If your dog likes to run and do the zoomies, let them do it! If they like to explore new areas- Bon Voyage Lewis and Clarke. 45 minutes might be the sweet spot to let them expend their physical energy in a healthy way- so they have more bath readiness.

Distract Your Dog While Grooming Them 

Try to distract your dog with their favorite treat or toy- lick plates attached to the bathroom wall with peanut butter or yogurt seem to be a hit with many dogs! It will help your dog still and ease their anxiety as they will be distracted and their attention will be focused on one thing avoiding everything going on around them. To soothe your dog’s anxiety you can also try holding your dog and patting them. Be sure to use circular motions- stroking downward will maintain whatever energy level they are at or make the anxiety increase. Make sure you are slow and gentle (feather’s touch for pressure) with your dog while doing this. 

Give Your Dog a Calming Treat

Giving your dog a cbd calming treat is considered one of the easiest ways to calm a dog. It will help them relax by giving them a calming supplement before bath time every time can help take the stress away during the grooming session.  

Make it a Spa Day: Relax Your Dog with Calming Scents like Lavendar or a cup of Camomile Tea

It’s normally a specific portion of the grooming / bathing process that your dog does not like. For example it could be getting into the tub, having a portion of their body brushed (harness or collar areas or rear end).  Some dogs get aggressive when their face is being brushed.  If its a specific area that tends to be a trouble spot – try alternatives like keeping your dog’s hair shorter year round- which means more frequent haircuts), using a detangler spray or using a dematting brush a few times per week.

You can help get your dog into a calm grooming mode by making Chamomile tea for your pup. This is an herbal relaxant that can be given to your dog and you can find this supplement at most health stores. To prepare this tea you have a cup of hot water and two tablespoons of dried chamomile.  

Give Your Dog a Mineral Bath 

Another way to calm your dog for grooming is giving them a mineralizing bath with products infused with minerals that dogs may be defiencient in and/or ones that help bring balance to the body. This will help your dog to relax and stay calm during the grooming activity. You can also try massaging them with oils that have soothing properties. Even after doing all these things the dog doesn’t calm down then it can be stressful for the dog and the owner as well. 

When The Above Methods Aren’t Cutting it

Sedation is necessary for dogs who are over-hyper during the grooming sessions and don’t like to be groomed. To make this process easier for you there are many products and methods available. This will not only help you but it will also help your dog. Before sedating your dog you must consult the veterinarian first. Perception is required before injecting any kind of over-the-counter drugs because these drugs and be harmful to the health of your dog. Acepromazine and Diazepam are the medications that are used for sedating the dog. Before making any choice consult with the vet. To burn the excess energy take your dog for a long walk before giving a sedative to your dog. The effect of sedatives lasts for around 10 hours so, make sure that the dog can relax in an ideal place during this period.  For dogs that become very anxious and aggressive during the grooming session, the vets recommend injecting sedatives as an additional measure. 


In a nutshell, sedation can be stressful for a dog parent and a dog as well. It is important to find the right sedation ways to use on your dog. You can try natural techniques like taking them on a walk, giving them a treat, or playing with your dog. If this does not calm your dog then you can try using sedation medications recommended by the vet. You can have the best results if you follow the tips mentioned above in the article. Make sure you use all the sedation techniques under the supervision and guidance of a veterinarian.

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