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We all know that dogs are the friendliest companions to take as a pet. Furthermore, human-canine bonding is 15,000 years old, making their relationship unparalleled to date! As a dog lover, you must love to gain more knowledge about these four-legged creatures, so we have gathered these 10 interesting facts about the mental and physical abilities of dogs that may surprise you!

Read below to know your pup better. 

1. They Have the Intelligence of a 2-Year Old 

Scientists have discovered that dogs are as intelligent as a 2-year-old human toddler. Dogs have an advanced memory to learn more than 200 gestures and words to gain rewards from humans! Also, canines are smart enough to display several emotions like affection and jealousy. Many studies declare the “Border collie” the most intelligent dog breed. 

2. Their Smelling Power is Better Than Humans 

Letting your dog sniff inside as well as outside in a new environment is key to allowing them to gather necessary information to feel calmer and more confident.

Unsurprisingly, dogs have more scent receptors than humans, which makes their odor processing 10,000 to 100,000 times better than ours! They can instantly detect dangers and sense explosives, medical problems, drugs, and even dead bodies. 

3. Every Dog’s Nose has Different Patterns

The way humans have distinct and unchanging fingerprint patterns for identification, each dog also hasa unique pattern on its nose. 

4. Some Dogs Swim Incredibly 

Some dogs are incredible swimmers! They are good at learning and improving this natural talent of swimming. However, the breed like bulldogs cannot swim at all, so keep an eye on your dog. 

5. They Sweat Differently 

Canines’ paws have merocrine glands, which help them sweat and cool off. Unlike humans, dogs deprive of sweat glands all over their bodies, so they also learn to cool down through panting. These mechanisms prevent dogs from experiencing heat stroke. 

6. Dogs Dream Too 

Scientific research has found a similarity in the sleeping patterns of dogs and humans. Also, during REM sleep, dogs dream as we do, showing signs of twitches and whimpers when dreaming. Smaller dogs are more likely to dream than large breeds of dogs. 

7. There’re Almost 200 Dog Breeds 

The American Kennel Club recognizes 197 dog breeds as of 2022. Chihuahuas are the smallest in size among all the canine breeds, whereas the Great Dane is the biggest.

8. Puppies are Deaf and Blind at Birth 

At birth, puppies are blind and deaf because these senses are not fully developed. Puppies are unable to hear until they are 3-weeks old. During this time, the puppy exploresby smelling.

9. 18 Muscles Control Dogs’ Ears


Yes, you heard it right, 18 muscles control dogs’ ears! They allow intricate movements of the ears that enable dogs to pick up sounds. Also, pups display their feelings through their ears. 

10. Dogs Can Be Right-Pawed or Left-Pawed 

According to Nancy Bernard of 360 Dog Walker “Like humans, some dogs may have a dominant paw, while others may be ambilateral, meaning they do not have any preferred hand. Studies show that there are more right-pawed dogs than left-pawed dogs.”


These 10 exciting facts help us conclude that dogs are incredible animals that have helped humans for thousands of years in hunting, guarding, and medical fields by using their unrivaled behavioral and physical abilities. 


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