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Benefits of the Pack Walk

By June 29, 2016No Comments

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Is your dog reveling in solo walks? Does your dog really just not like other dogs? There could be a chance for you to build your dog’s confidence in socializing with other dogs on a regular basis both at daycare and with the dog walker.  Before you let your dog take the big plunge, be sure to work with a dog behaviorist / trainer.

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Here are some benefits to the pack walk:

1. Canines are pack animals. They are social and just like we enjoy team sports, pack walks can fulfill this need to be around other pups– walking side by side! Horray!

2. Getting regular exercise with like-minded pups! Some dogs do not like to walk, according to their owners. Some breeds we’ve seen this with in the city are Shih tzus.  Just like you take a group class at the gym, the power of a group can really motivate a reluctant walker to go the distance.

3.  The walk is about spending energy in a healthy way. Many pups like to take their time and sniff every bush, flower, fire hydrant etc.  The pack dog walk becomes about following a leader and the other dogs in the pack (think synchronized swimming). This pack walk encourages healthy followership and following the right leader is an instinctual need that all dogs have.

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