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Some dogs seem like they were born in the water and are part fish. They see a body of water and have to drive in and play. Getting them to leave the water is impossible, and they could stay there all day if their owners let them. Finding different water activities for these pups will help keep them entertained and tire them out.


This one may seem obvious, but finding places for a dog to swim is one of the top activities for a dog who loves water. It could be a lake, pond, river, ocean, or even their own custom pools montgomery. They will enjoy swimming around, especially with you. However, it is a good idea first to ensure that the dog can handle the water and review the safety tips for the pup.

Doggy Diving

If the specific dog is more advanced as a swimmer, the next activity for them is to retrieve specific items from the water. It is fun for them and also presents a bit of a challenge. This activity is also best if they love the game of fetch.

There are two ways to play this game. One way is by purchasing a weighted toy where the dog will need to dive underwater to retrieve it, or their owner can use a toy that floats and throw it off the dock. This makes it, so the pup will need to dive off the dock to get its toy and bring it back to be thrown again.


For those who live close to the ocean, have a passion for surfing, and also have a dog who loves the water, it would be a great idea to bring their dog surfing. Some places would even train a dog to balance themselves on a surfboard. It is a great bonding tool for dogs and owners and a super fun activity. Make sure the canine companion has a dog life jacket on to keep them safe.


Another fantastic activity for the dog and owner to do together is paddleboarding. This is similar to surfing, only a bit calmer. Once a dog is able to balance on the board with its owner, it can be an excellent way for an aqua dog to explore and enjoy a more tranquil water setting. It would be a good idea to also use a dog life jacket for this activity too and also to only bring a dog with if the person is already a reasonably experienced paddleboarder to ensure the dog’s safety.


It is no secret that dogs love their owners and always want to spend time with them. Towing is a way to combine their love for their people and their love for the water. Towing is a game that is a bit of a “search and rescue” skill. These dogs can be trained to jump in the water and tow a person or inanimate object to “safety.” It is a fun game for the dog and people. Some dogs may be so good at towing that training them to be certified search and rescue dogs may be a great idea. There are many places that would take in dogs and train them to help rescue people in the water and prevent drownings.


Lastly, an activity for a canine who loves water would be boating. Bringing a dog along on a boat ride is an excellent way to bond, but it also can be a great way for these aqua lovers to enjoy the water even more. A few water activities can be done on the boat, such as diving, towing, and swimming. It brings a good variety of water activities for the dog, making them a very happy pooch.

Any dog who loves water will love any or all of these activities. Some may need proper training beforehand, but in the end, it would be worth it for the dog and parent.

photo cred: roberto-nickson-aZox57cA-eI-unsplash

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